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The French fragrance label "Floraïku" followed an unusual path. But that is precisely why the niche label has a loyal customer base that appreciates its originality and uniqueness.

Literature enthusiast Clara Molloy and her Irish husband John have always been passionate about life's sensual and cultural side. During a vacation in Japan, they were fascinated with Japanese literature, and most importantly: haikus. Simultaneously, the two were stunned by the Japanese respect for nature. Still under the impression of these experiences, Clara and John Molloy decided to create their fragrance label that followed this philosophy. Thus, in 2017, the brand "Floraïku" was born. The name is a nod to the Japanese poetry of three-verse poems, the so-called "haikus".

Floraïku's ultimate goal was to create a fragrance that focused on exclusivity, sensuality, and Asian poetry. Together with perfumers Alienor Massenet, Sarah Burri and Sophie Labb, the fragrances were created just like the poems: a shortlist of high-quality ingredients.

The Asian roots of the fragrances of "Floraïku", natural ingredients, and different flacons such as jasmine, rose, musk, black pepper, or cardamom make the brand all the more unique.

In addition to the online store, high-quality beauty stores (CareOfCarl.de, Gents.de) also feature the fragrances of "Floraïku".
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