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The roots of the Italian cosmetics brand "L'Erbolario" lie in the small village of Lodi in Lombardy. Already in his youth, Franco Bergamaschi was enthusiastic about wild plants, medicinal herbs, and spices. This passion was encouraged by Bergamaschi's father, who had created an extensive collection of recipes in his local herb store. Bergamaschi searched for, collected and processed numerous wild and medicinal herbs as a child and was determined to work in this field.

The label was launched in 1978 when Franco Bergamaschi married his wife Daniela Villa, who shared his enthusiasm for medicinal plants and herbs. The couple had acquired further knowledge of Phyto cosmetics and herbalism through courses and classes, they eventually sold the first creams, fragrances, and candles under the name "L'Erbolario" in their small store in Lodi.

Considering the rural character of Lombardy, the products of L'Erbolario were mainly promoted through word of mouth. However, orders from all over the country quickly followed, and eventually, the natural and medicinal herbal products also gained international reputation because of their natural substances. Creams, cleansing and peeling products, shower gels and shampoos, deodorants, and other natural-based care products are now sold in over 5,000 markets and around 200 label stores in Italy alone.

Worldwide, the brand is present with its wide range of products in over 40 countries and, of course, in the online store. L'Erbolario is one of the few cosmetics brands that bases the quality of its products primarily on natural and pure essences.
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