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The region around Bologna, Italy, has been known for its solid tradition of textile manufacturers and silk factories since the 17th century. The corset master Ada Masotti also followed this tradition, opened her lingerie studio, and finally founded her label "La Perla" in 1954.

The creations of "La Perla" were initially restrained and intended to emphasize feminine beauty, sophistication, and sensuality with cuts and applications. This changed in the 1960s because the fashion world completely turned upside down at that time, which led "La Perla" to become increasingly colorful with more patterns. This trend continued in the 1970s, with designs becoming increasingly pragmatic and functional. "La Perla" recognized the trend in the following years as well, and Ada Masotti always created the right fashion for the career-driven 1980s, for the enthusiastic 1990s, and the sensual 2000s.

However, the portfolio of "La Perla" includes much more than just corsets and lingerie. It features an extensive range of swimwear, bridal wear, bags, shoes, and nightwear. With so much luxury, elegance, and craftsmanship, a few exclusive fragrances are also offered. The designs of "La Perla" put femininity in the limelight through cosmetics, perfume, and everything women may desire.
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