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The name of the Italian fashion brand "Miu Miu" sounds like a niche brand, but the high-fashion company comes from a famous "family home".

Founded in 1922 in the French capital, the CEO of "Miu Miu'' is Miuccia Prada, born in 1949. Since her last name was already used, the brand was somehow named similarly to her first name. "Miu Miu" presented its first women's collection, which mainly consisted of Wild West-style fashion just a year after its founding. In 1994, the label took its "cowgirl fashion" to the US, where more high-fashion lines and accessories followed in 2006.

Miu Miu left the fashion and accessories sector in 2015, and shifted to include luxurious fragrances in its collection. After the aromas of "Miu Miu" were also successfully placed on the market, Miuccia Prada turned back to fashion. Therefore, the label released the limited series "Upcycled by Miu Miu" in 2020, which sold out quickly. The collection was inspired by the clothing style of 1940 & 1979 and was then adapted to the new generation.

Miuccia Prada was always very keen to be perceived as an independent brand. That is why separate showrooms were always set up for "Miu Miu" until 2005. The label is now a global player, with stores in Milan, Paris, Florence, and London. The brand is present in Taipei, Melbourne, Houston, Shenzhen, Glasgow, and many other countries around the world.
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