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Famous fashion brand Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence in 1940. When Cavalli lived in his grandfather's house, he was already indulged in creativity and design because his grandfather was a respected painter. In his school years, he discovered the links between painting and fashion, which is why he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in 1957. At the same time, he researched materials and processes for textile production, which earned him some patents.

Roberto Cavalli opened a small boutique in the seaside resort of Saint-Tropez to sell his first ground-breaking creations. Things quickly turned around for him, and the site became a must-see among the youth. Following this success, Cavalli founded his fashion brand in 1970, and considerably expanded ever since.

Cavalli's collection expanded to include a men's collection (1976), the "Angels" series for children, and a complete jeans collection followed in 2000. In addition, the former boy from Florence also created eyewear, underwear, wristwatches, and some accessories.

Two years later, Roberto Cavalli also created his first own fragrances. Other works of the Italian are costumes of the "Spice Girls" (2007), a newborn collection (for babies, 2008), and commissioned works for several fashion chains such as "H&M".

It is mainly the fresh colors and the frequent use of leather that characterize Cavalli fashion. The fusion of different textures and animal fur looks made Roberto Cavalli one of the most sought-after fashion brands for wearable fashion.

Iconic fashion figures like Elton John, the Beckhams, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez see it similarly.
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