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The British fragrance label "Sunnamusk" is an impeccable reference to how sometimes a crisis can also be the start of something new and beautiful. The fragrance house goes back to the five brothers of the Egyptian Rahman family, who lost almost everything during the financial crisis of 2008.

With their passion for fine fragrances, they sold perfumes from their cars or directly on the beach after the collapse. A year later, Kazi Luthfur, Kazi Shafiqur, Kazi Abdur, Kazi Ashiqur, and Kazi Abidur Rahman pooled their earnings and launched their label "Sunnamusk."

The brothers released a small collection of fragrances on the market stalls of East London and eventually expanded their store network after the label made a name for itself. The first international location was in Oberhausen, Germany.

For a relatively young label, "Sunnamusk" offered an amazingly large product range. The portfolio includes exclusive single fragrances and collections in flacons, fragrance diffusers, gift sets, scented candles, and household and beauty products (disinfectants and hand moisturizers).

Due to the background of the five Rahman brothers, the brand's fragrances are often characterized by Arabian aromas reminiscent of a thousand and one nights.

This is evident, for example, in the woody-sweet "Arabian Desert" (vanilla, coconut, musk) or the floral-aquatic "Night Illusion" (citrus, apple, musk). Incidentally, the flagship of "Sunnamusk" is the "Abid Ambre", which was introduced in 2017 and is based on mandarin, grapefruit, orchid, and sandalwood.

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