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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Italians are very much affiliated with style and lavish taste. It is therefore not surprising that the Versace brand (also known as Gianni Versace S.p.A.) is deeply rooted there.

Founded by Gianni Versace, the company is run by his siblings Santo and Donatella Versace after his death in 1997.

Both Versace fashion & fragrance empires cater to men and women.

One of the most sought-after women's fragrances is "Eros pour Femme" because of its emphatically erotic and sensual aroma (jasmine, lemon, pomegranate).

For those who prefer oriental fragrances, "Oud Oriental" (cardamom, saffron, bitter orange) is the ideal choice.

As for the ladies who prefer sensual and floral scents, the "Bright Crystal" Eau de Toilette with magnolia, peony and lotus blossom is the best fit.

The “Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue (Eau de Toilette)" creation exudes a decidedly masculine aroma of papyrus, incense and Tonka bean.

Versace flacons are for the most part uniform and therefore easily recognizable. As a rule, the bottles are rectangular, have a gold- or silver-colored cap and the brand’s logo on the front. This is a portrait of Medusa, with which the company founder wanted to symbolize the inspiration of his homeland as well as the mythology of the products.

According to different sources, the brand has an annual turnover of almost 650 million euros. It’s no secret how Versace could build everlasting relationships with high-profile celebrities.

Faces of the brand include model Michael Gstoettner (Versace pour Homme (Eau de Toilette), actor Jason Statham (Oud Noir) and up-and-coming models Gigi Hadid (Versace pour Homme) and Trevor Signorino (Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue (Eau de Toilette).

Versace fragrances are widely available for purchase online, in-store, and at selected luxury hotel lobbies all over the world.
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