Freeway by 4160 Tuesdays
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Freeway is a popular perfume by 4160 Tuesdays for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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FuelFuel Orange treeOrange tree
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JasmineJasmine LilyLily Palm blossom
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Burnt rubberBurnt rubber Ice creamIce cream WaffleWaffle


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Submitted by EvilCat, last update on 04.12.2023.
Interesting Facts
This scent has been created exclusively for the retailer "Luckyscent" on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.


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For lovers of gas station fragrance
As part of a traveling letter (thank you dear J.!) I came into the opportunity to test Freeway. I was very curious about this fragrance. Gasoline and burnt rubber? And then from a niche brand? That can't be good after all. Let's take a look at what perfumer Sarah McCartney says about her creation:

"It's the aroma of a freeway when the oil has run out, and the space has become a wildlife haven, with orange groves and white flowers. There are solar cars and bicycles, picnic tables and humming birds. Like everywhere in LA there's the background scent of cooking sugar. Mandarin petigrain essential oil gives it a strange note of evaporating gasoline, from the sun on concrete, and there's the deep dark hot rubber smell in the background."

Indeed, the scent starts with what I would understand as a mixture of gasoline and car tires. The first impression is burning, as if you have too much gasoline vapor around you. However, this impression disappears as quickly as it came back. Immediately afterwards, there remains what I would call a "memory" of gasoline and car tires. You can kind of detect it, but it doesn't smell exactly like that. It smells more like how you might imagine gasoline and rubber when you have to recall it from memory - and of that, only the good parts. Because even though I've never been a lover of gas station scents, I can put my nose to my wrist without wrinkling my nose. Gasoline and rubber in good, I am impressed.

Pretty quickly then mix in the sweet notes that soften the whole thing, detach gasoline and rubber and make it wearable. To stay in the image of Sarah McCartney: We've reached the end of LA's highway and now the orange grove begins, families sitting there eating waffles with vanilla ice cream. Sweet flowers bloom along the roadside. It is beautiful here. From here on, the scent is also wearable. It is a gourmand sweetness. Gasoline and rubber can only be guessed, something that once was, but is no more, only the memory traces of it.

Rarely has a fragrance impressed me as much as this one. Sarah McCartney's vision has captured it perfectly in #Freeway. You can put yourself in the described scenery so well with her description and the fragrance. So this must be what it smells like on LA's streets and beyond. I'm not sure I could really wear Freeway. Now the top notes don't trigger a feeling in me of "I want to smell like that!" but rather "Wow exciting, give me more input on that!" and the gourmand sweetness is a bit too gourmand and a bit too sweet for my personal taste (but better than the current drugstore sweetness). BUT this scent describes a vision of LA's streets consisting of gasoline, rubber, pastries and nature and captured that SO incredibly well and wearably that I thought: Wow, this is true perfumer's art, a masterpiece. Even though I probably won't wear this fragrance, I wish I had a small bottling so I can relive this olfactory sensory experience over and over again.
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Freeway of Love

Made exclusively for Luckyscent, to celebrate their 15th anniversary. "The idea was to take the fresh, sugary brightness of orange blossom and sully it with a host of gritty, determinedly non-floral smells from an urban environment, making for a scent with a sexy kick in its tail: think flowers crushed under a rubber-soled sneaker. "

While this description sounds very “busy” (freeway style), after an initial “what the heck is going on here” (in a good way) opening, with what smells like fuel and rubber, a park, and everything but the kitchen sink, it settles into a rather cozy and comforting scent of sugary vanilla, soft florals and citrus on my skin, with a fresh but almost edible quality. But there is a slight earthiness that keeps it from going “too” fresh or gourmand. There is something about this fragrance that reminds me of something from my past. Not sure if it’s another perfume, a place or some type of food, but I immediately am transported into a memory. More of a feeling than any sort of visual. I love this fragrance, it’s one of Sarah McCartney’s best — in my top 5 from 4160Tuesdays.

Notes: mandarin petitgrain, orange blossom, tobacco, rum, brandy, cannabis, woods, vanilla.


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StaciaStacia 7 months ago
Drinking a Vanilla Coke at a gas station while sitting in the car of a chain smoker.


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