Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot 2017

Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot by 4711
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Acqua Colonia Green Tea & Bergamot is a limited perfume by 4711 for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is fresh-green. It was last marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz. Pronunciation Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Cheap, but really no value because of its very poor longevity
Extremely poor longevity, even from a cologne point of view. I have other colognes from 4711 that project and last longer. This cologne lacks any sort of personality. It doesn't really work as a cologne because of its extra short longevity. I am trying to finish it off by dousing myself in it.

I bought this in memory of the L'Occitane The Vert EDT, which was one of my favorites.
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Um... almost missed the point?
Hm, what a coincidence. I'm writing my fragrance impressions on 4711 Green Tea & Bergamot and I'm actually drinking green tea. Stupidly, the bag I just fished out of the cup and wanted to wring out at the spoon falls awkwardly to the edge of the cup, slides on the outer edge and then splashes on the table, so I have to get up and get a cloth to wipe everything, both cup and table, clean, argh... how annoying that is when it happens...! :D

Anyway, now everything is clean again, so that I can continue writing!
The 4711 Acqua Colonias may not be outstanding scents, but with their wide variety of different scents and reasonable price, I think there should be something for everyone. Especially if you're looking for a fragrance in summer that you don't really want to use as a perfume, but rather for short-term refreshment, because the fragrances usually leave a fresh aura for a short time, where you often have the feeling that on extremely hot days you can somehow breathe better with the help of such a fragrance here :D

And Green Tea & Bergamot sounds quite promising! Well, for me anyway, sure... tea... what else! :D

The smell:
The beginning reminds me of fresh chewing gum like these tooth-cleaning gums, whose effect is said to be quite controversial. Anyway, the scent is fresh and a bit sparkling due to the bergamot. The green tea needs a little longer to appear, but then one recognizes it well, so that here, there is already a good but rather less intensive tea note to smell. The scent also seems to have some sweet and fruity notes, I do not quite know what it could be, but a little bit the scent reminds me on peaches.
For a moment, I even thought I was testing the wrong scent and smelling the White Peach & Coriander for example! Because the tea wears off quite fast, the bergamot gets weaker, but the sweet fruity scent, which still reminds me of peaches, gets even more intense!
After the peach-like scent fades away a little bit, but the scent still reminds on these fruits and therefore smells fruity, the scent then smells a little bit like green tea for me again, but this time with an exotic/fruity taste, so that the scent of the pure and/or normal green tea is possibly a little more difficult to recognize here. Because I drink a green tea with such an exotic taste and the scent reminds me a little bit of this one.
He stays that way until the end. All in all a nice scent, whose refreshing effect might be a little less than with other colonias and which might also smell a little less like normal green tea for some people, as the sweet and fruity one reminds too much of peaches.
Much later the fragrance becomes slightly stuffy and smells of indefinable, floral-fruity notes, which is a hint for me to finally re-spray the scent.

The Sillage and the durability:
The scent is not strong, so that it becomes a bit body-hugging soon after spraying on. It is more suitable for refreshing yourself on hot days rather than for others to notice it. But as I said before, I think that it's your own refreshment that's the point here, so I don't think it's bad that the scent is weak.
The shelf life of the product ends after about four to six hours.

The bottle! The bottle is cylindrical and with its patterns worked into the glass has a deliberately old-fashioned cologne look, which looks nice and could possibly be described as nostalgic (although nerds like me would probably say "retro" :D). On the front you see a big green label with name and brand. The lid is cylindrical, chrome-plated and has a tube-like ring in the upper third as decoration around the lid. As I said, the bottle looks quite nice.

There, that's it. Once again a short-lived 4711 scent tested and also found to be... um... at least okay! BUT:
Somehow I can't shake the feeling that the scent has somehow missed the point. At least a little bit. Even if it smells a little bit like tea and bergamot in the beginning and later a little bit like tea again, it often turns out to be quite fruity sweet, and this even quite intense. The fruity one also reminds me very much of peaches, so that one could have called the scent Peach or something like that. Anyway, the peach scent seems very strong to me and I hope I am not mistaken here. Because of the stronger sweetness even the refreshing aspect of the scent disappears faster.

Not that you can't use it in summer, but the sparkling goes down too quickly, so other Acqua Colonias are simply more refreshing than this fragrance here.

Well, as I said, he's still nice! Apart from that there are countless Acqua Colonias, where you can surely find the right fragrance for you :)
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