Acqua Colonia Intense - Pure Breeze of Himalaya 2019

Acqua Colonia Intense - Pure Breeze of Himalaya by 4711
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6.9 / 10 141 Ratings
A perfume by 4711 for women and men, released in 2019. The scent is fresh-aquatic. It is being marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

Main accords


Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
Mandarin orangeMandarin orange Pink pepperPink pepper BergamotBergamot
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Air accordAir accord Lily of the valleyLily of the valley RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk AmbroxanAmbroxan CashmeranCashmeran


6.9141 Ratings
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8.062 Ratings
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 08.05.2024.

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Just doesn't catch me
Joa, the Acqua Colonia Intense - Pure Breeze of Himalaya and I are not going to be friends. For me, this freshie is just very insignificant and boring in the end. In addition, the longevity on my skin is very weak at around 3 hours and the sillage is similarly negligible...

The top note starts fresh and aquatic. Mandarin, bergamot, grape sugar and a little pepper come through here. The heart note offers lily of the valley, rose water and some olive wood. I have a hard time with the base, as there is hardly anything going on here. Ambroxan brings something maritime, slightly creamy with a little musk to the fragrance. Cashmeran underlines the woodiness and the floral notes.

In the end, I am very disappointed and bored with this fragrance. Sorry :-(

541 Reviews
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Fresh breeze, very international!
I didn't know the perfumer Fanny Bal yet, but IFF did.
The abbreviation stands for "International Flavors&Fragrances", one of the world's leading perfume producers based in New York.
The company has about 6000 employees worldwide, but Haarmann&Reimer in Holzminden are probably even bigger. I'm surprised that the people of Cologne knocked on IFF's door to create this new EdC "Intense", but wasn't the great Sophia Grosjman (Yvresse, Paris, Spellbound, Trésor...) working for IFF for years, or Nathalie Lorson (Wish, Folie Douce...) or Jean-Claude Deville (Cabotine, Wings...) ?
You just want to go high and sell a lot. It's perfectly legitimate.

However, I would be very interested to know which "Briefing" IFF received from Cologne.
The perfumer was probably told to create the ultimate fresh fragrance, reminiscent of the clarity of the Himalayan air. Purity, width, ice. No bad associations.

When you consider that when Jacques Cavallier created the first Issey Miyake fragrance, he was instructed to develop a product that smelled like fresh water, you can imagine how difficult it can be to meet customers' wishes.
Not for nothing do I mention the famous "L'Eau d'Issey" fragrance here, as it has become a prototype. Pure Breeze" also cannot get past him, because "Pure Breeze of Himalaya" moves between the poles of an acquaintance and the citric-woody aspects of a typical eau de colognes. The adhesive strength of the fragrance is very good, even after hours you can still perceive it. "Intense" applies here.

Probably the name was more established than the fragrance itself (keyword "Briefing"). What could be more obvious than to choose a chemical fragrance compound, which is now called the "air chord" in the modern aroma kitchen of perfume manufacturers?
Unfortunately, I am not a chemist and by no means a trained perfumer. The so-called "air chord", however, I met recently already more often.

Fragrances are, of course, mass-produced products and are often used in household articles, from dishwashing detergents to toilet cleaners. Flavours for food are often made from the same substances, but I cannot imagine a yoghurt that tastes like "air chord", shower gels or floor cleaners already exist that smell very aquatic-fresh. Therefore the new "Pure Breeze of Himalaya" reminds some users immediately of a cleaning agent.
What I noticed most about the EdC was the freshness of its shower gel, which immediately appealed to me in the shop on Friday.
This was probably due to the special fact that we got a new bathroom last week and I couldn't shower every day. So my last shower was 48 hours ago when I tested "Pure Breeze of Himalaya" and I longed for freshness!
Here it was offered to me quite uncomplicatedly in the form of an EdCS, in addition there was in my regular perfumery in our small town just again "20% on everything" - so I struck.

But my initially positive sounding statement (written in the evening of the purchase) was modified again today. After a visit to the swimming pool with the possibility of comprehensive full body refreshment, I continued to test "Pure Breeze of Himalaya" at the weekend in order to put the fragrance down on our guest toilet this morning. Because there he belongs, perfectly suited to refresh tired contemporaries and "totally unisex".

I am not able to recognize an individual, special "Cologne style". No personal handwriting from Fanny Bal either.
So the new fragrance "from Cologne" is just the product of a huge company with branches all over the world. It was not by chance that the English name was chosen. "Fresh breeze from the Himalayas" would also remind quite strongly of a well-known "Air-Freshener". Or should dat even be?


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SaradoninSaradonin 2 years ago
Unironically, cheap, but fresh chemical molecules make for an excellent air freshener. Too scratchy synthetic to be used on skin.


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