Acqua Colonia Lychee & White Mint 2020

Acqua Colonia Lychee & White Mint by 4711
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Acqua Colonia Lychee & White Mint is a perfume by 4711 for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by Mäurer & Wirtz.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Ahoj sherbet powder with raspberry flavor
The Acqua Colonia Lychee & White Mint totally surprised me. On the one hand, I find this quite feminine fragrance really beautiful despite its low complexity and on the other hand, this is a fragrance from 4711 that lasts really well on my skin. Even after more than 10 hours, I can still perceive it slightly and on clothes it lasts even longer. The sillage is even quite good and I have received a few compliments from my best friend.

I actually have to mention the top, heart and base notes in one go, because the aromas balance each other out from start to finish. There is a constant alternation of very fruity and sweet aromas, which curiously remind me of raspberry-flavored Ahoj sherbet powder and blackcurrant juice. I only detect lychee to a limited extent. There is always a slight peppermint aroma in the background.

This is a really nice, fresh and simple everyday fragrance for women, which I would recommend on warmer days. But I will also treat myself to it from time to time, as it is simply very successful.
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A basket full of lychees and mint
4711, a brand that offers many eau de colognes, about 30+ fragrances and that's a lot. 4711 has even different collections such as, for example, the Remix, Acqua Colonia Intense and among others also the Acqua Colonia series. The other day I looked into the 4711 house and I picked out the "Lychee and White Mint".

In "Lychee and White Mint" is to consider that the scent is kept very simple, plain and almost absolutely doesn’t change over time.

The fragrance starts here with lychee and mint, who would have thought? In any case, is as already just written, no fragrance development available. And this is neither bad nor terrible in my opinion. It is simply linear.
The first seconds the poor mint or rather "peppermint" spends alone, gradually the lychee comes out on stage with the mint. The peppermint isn’t pungent, but rather refreshing and pleasant. The lychee, on the other hand, is sweet-ish and slightly fruity, also it has a bit of a pop. It is a constantly iterative battle between the mint and the lychee. And this lingers as long as the scent hasn’t faded. The scent seems solid overall and there is only little to complain about here, but the longevity is particularly weak and the sillage is intimate.

My recommendation: buy the "Lychee and White Mint" at best in the summer or you like to wear it almost everywhere, because it is suitable for everyday use, but do not forget to take the fragrance with you.

Neither in the design, or in the presentation of the fragrance there is anything to criticize, because the packaging is kept simple, the sprayer here is amazingly good, because you can even "control and adjust" the amount. And the bottledesign is also an eye-catcher, for me at least.
The price/performance ratio is quite solid here, because I paid for the 170ml bottle, 30€ and that’s quite inexpensive. A clear recommendation, solid fragrance, there is just little to complain about.
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