Acqua di Biella

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Luigi Cantono founded in 1871 in Biella, Piedmont, a small manufacturer of soap, candles, perfumed ointments and perfumed waters, including: Acqua di Biella (today called Acqua di Biella No.1).

Acqua di Biella, a citrus-floral fragrance, was a cologne developed by Cantono himself to complete the small company's fragrant range.

Acqua di Biella immediately appealed to customers and had resounding success. Soon it was the cologne par excellence throughout Italy. Even the royal family was a fan and in 1878 Reale Manifattura Luigi Cantono was granted the honor of bearing the coat of arms of the Savoy and of being called purveyor to the court.

Today, the coat of arms still adorns Acqua di Biella products, while the Savoy family is history as the royal house of Italy. Likewise, the legendary Acqua di Biella is still produced by the now fourth generation of the Cantono family - as they say, exactly according to the old recipe, using only natural and time-honored ingredients.

In 1996 Luigi's great-granddaughter, Chiara Cantono, took over a leading position in the family business. With very young, fresh ideas, she reorganized the venerable house and launched a new line of fragrances in 2003, more than 130 years after the first. In the tradition of the old house and in conscious kinship with the great No.1, carefully composed fragrances are created that are of classic make, but at the same time contemporary and modern.
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