Fleur de Tiaré
Monoï et Tiaré

Fleur de Tiaré / Monoï et Tiaré by Adopt' / Réserve Naturelle
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7.8 / 10 15 Ratings
Fleur de Tiaré is a popular perfume by Adopt' / Réserve Naturelle for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Orange blossomOrange blossom TiaréTiaré VanillaVanilla CoconutCoconut MuskMusk Paraguayan cabreuvaParaguayan cabreuva Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
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Tiaré is not Tiramisu!
I'll tell you something that might make you laugh... but also underlines my stupidity in certain (vegetable) things:

For a very long time I have constantly confused Tiaré with Tiramisu. When I read Tiaré here on Parfumo in a fragrance pyramid, I first thought of Tiramisu, so I thought that the fragrance had a sweet dessert-like note. Which, of course, was wrong. Only with the second reading it makes "click" and I knew then that Tiaré is NOT Tiramisu!


And now I'm describing a Tiaré fragrance that makes me wonder what Tiaré looks like and really smells like, while my subconscious continues to think of something delicious! Especially because there are also gourmand notes listed in the pyramid below, I mean, how am I not supposed to think of something delicious? And then Tiaré even sounds a little like Tiramisu, don't you think? No? ...argh! Then don't! But I told you I was a little stupid, didn't I? D
Well, so laugh for all I care, which I'm sure you do anyway, don't you? You creeps! :DD

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell slightly powdery-sweet notes that actually have a gourmand sound. These change into the sweetish-floral and I suppose that Tiaré could smell like this, because I can exclude everything else here. The fragrance is very pleasant and beautiful!
By the way, the coconut in the top note is only weakly pronounced, but that doesn't matter. She smells nice from the background, even if you shouldn't even notice her anymore. But you can quickly smell the vanilla, which smells great together with the Tiaré. And by the way there is Neroli, which is not fresh, but it delivers a heavy orange scent, which reminds a little of orange soaps, because I also notice a clean soapy note, and this not exactly weak.
This pure note is sometimes even stronger than the floral notes themselves, but this does not bother because the scent is excellent.
Only a little later do the orange blossoms smell more or less the same with the floral-sweet notes, whereby the sweet scents slowly gain the upper hand, since in the base, as is so often the case, the vanilla works longest.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is good, so you don't have to get so close to it to be able to smell the scent of one.
The shelf life is also very good, as the fragrance lasts longer than twelve hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is thin and cylindrical, covered with a yellow label showing the name, etc. The bottle is made of a plastic material. The lid is chrome-plated and also cylindrical. Nothing special, but not very ugly either.

In my opinion, Fleur de Tiaré has become a pretty great fragrance. It's not very complex, it smells clean (which some people don't like very much), but it smells wonderfully of floral and sweet notes as well as great orange blossoms in the middle. It's not really heavy, but it's not fresh either. In my opinion, it best fits into autumn, which could be used both during the day and (or especially) in the evening for going out. In any case it is worth a "look"!

Soo, that describes another flower scent. What's bad is not only that I'm still really bad at flowery scents, but that many people think that I could have an enormous knowledge by now (because I've tried endless scents and such) and therefore sometimes wish that I could recommend something "nice flowery"...

But... first of all: I am not a walking encyclopedia or how to say it :D
Everything that I really like about women's fragrances, I've put here in my collection, but without taking a look I wouldn't be able to get them out of my head now, which were all of them flowery, I only know that they were great for me, moreover I don't have all the flowery fragrances that I find stuffy (and all of you are great) in the list :D

Secondly, yes, I have really tested a lot of fragrances, but do you really think that I did this because I would really like fragrances? NO! I had hoped that I could get one of you hot perfumas around here, because in all probability there could be more women present in a perfume forum than guys! He he he... uh, wait... I didn't mean to say that out loud... he he he he.
And yes, that was a joke! A JOKE!!! So stay where you are, you heartbreakers with pitchforks :DD

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