Œillet Bengale 2014

Œillet Bengale by Aedes de Venustas
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7.9 / 10 151 Ratings
Œillet Bengale is a popular perfume by Aedes de Venustas for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-floral. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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Heart Notes Heart Notes CloveClove RoseRose Black pepperBlack pepper CardamomCardamom CinnamonCinnamon SaffronSaffron TurmericTurmeric
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Submitted by Hannah, last update on 29.12.2022.
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Top Review 15  
And the smell meows forever?
Hey hey and welcome to my latest fragrance commentary. Today I have a fragrance from Aedes de Venustas with me, the Œillet Bengale. Now, what comes to mind with that name? Sure, cats. Bengal cats, which belong to the most beautiful species of cats and that is certainly why they are so popular. Well, cats are very popular in general, but Bengal cats always take the top places in their popularity scale.

In truth, however, Œillet Bengal is of course not a cat. I know, I know, I am also very disappointed about it :D
It's rather botanical, because Œillet Bengal is supposed to mean Bengal carnation, pffft... so it's about flowers, plants... so vegetables... yuck, everything is so boring for guys like me, who are more into cute cats or much naked skin, and here nobody offers anything. But you ladies are sometimes more sensitive to plants and you seem to know all these oxygenators very well, so that you prefer flowery scents much more than I do. And I... I comment these scents here only for you ladies... maybe of course with the hope to be able to pick up most of you, mu ha ha ha ha ha... which of course never works... *sigh*... :D

All right, let me describe how I smell the scent here...

The smell:
The fragrance begins both slightly peppery-spicy and flowery-sweet. And after less than a minute, the most intense scent is already the carnation, which gives off its distinctive scent and which even I can easily recognize and therefore safely identify here! But I can't name the other floral scents in the background :D
The peppery loses its peppery note very quickly, but still a general, warm and nice spice remains, which goes well with cloves as well as with the equally intense sweet scents, which currently come mainly from cinnamon.
Even later, the fragrance remains clovey-spicy with equally spicy-sweet scents. Saffron is added, if I'm not mistaken, otherwise the scent becomes more balsamic and gentle despite the spicy scent, which might be due to the resins like tolu balsam, which also radiate a slightly sweet scent, and which in turn will later smell very well combined with vanilla.
In the base, the fragrance remains soft and sweet, but the spices go down a bit. You can smell vanilla, resins and balsam. From the floral notes, the clove now becomes much weaker. In return, a little ylang-ylang is now scentable, but fortunately it's not so strong that it would make the fragrance more sultry, for example.
In any case, the fragrance remains beautiful throughout.

The Sillage and the durability:
The sillage is quite strong, especially in the beginning, so that you can smell it quickly. Later on the scent gets weaker of course, but stays in the above average range for a while, so that you don't necessarily have to get very close if you want to smell the scent at one. The shelf life is pretty good with its more than eight hours.

The bottle! The bottle is rectangular and purple in colour, with the sides slightly more swollen. There's also a fairly thick base. A gilded cap in the shape of a vertical disc has been integrated into the spray head, which can be pulled over the spray head, which is an interesting mechanism. This disc also shows the logo of the brand on the front side. A bottle that seems simple at first, but which is nevertheless quite beautiful.

Okay, so that's the clove smell. And I have to admit that despite the disappointment that the scent now contained no cats, I still found the scent pretty great. The scent of a carnation may take some people getting used to it or it may remind others of home remedies for toothaches or something, but in scents these scents don't come across as bad at all.

Especially combined with various beautiful scents like here in this fragrance, a lot of things are right, so that the fragrance smells quite nice. It is both spicy and sweet, it smells balsamic and gentle and still has a decent aura. So this scent is suitable for me to go out as well as a nice scent during the day, if you dose it less. It is also best used in autumn and winter.

Hm, it may seem more feminine at first sight, but I think that it can be used as a unisex scent, as the sweet notes make it look like an amber scent, for example.

I really liked the scent, so I would definitely recommend it for a test!
And that's it for today, but don't be sad, I'll be back.
...or are you sad because I keep showing up here? No, don't tell me! :D
See you :))
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516 Reviews
Cheap rewriting of classics
A scent vaguely reminiscent of many classic floral-fruity fragrances, revisited with a “cheap niche” mood (I mean quality-wise cheap). Which means: ready-made synthetic bases and accords, a bold metallic aftertaste, a general sense of plainness, with no dimensionality and the feeling it's all heading nowhere. Basically there’s flowers (a dry and earthy plastic rose, carnation, and possibly also ylang to me), fruity notes, something greenish-vegetable, patchouli, cedar and sandalwood on the base and a discreet spicy accord in which I smell mostly cumin, cinnnamon and pepper. It soon evolves and settles on a generic, dry floral-leafy-woody blend, slightly powdery too, with no praise or blame, with a vague floral accord which is so synthetic and tamed-down that it could be anything. Lasting for hours, identical to itself (ah, these naturals...). I wouldn’t say that at least it is pleasant, because it smells actually even a bit tacky. Linear and cheap. Complete indifference.

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190 Reviews
Helpful Review 5  
Lovely Carnation fragrance
Aedes de Venustas Oeillet Bengale. Even that some creations has emerged on the last years, it's rare to find fragrances with a carnation inspiration, possibly due the old-fashioned retro aura they possess and the difficulty in sustaining an accord like this inside the current restrictions that limit a lot one of the main responsibles for the clove/carnation smell, the eugenol. Oeillet Bengale, somehow, is able to be successful in creating a carnation scent in this scenario, sustaining the warm, spicy and sweet powdery aroma for quite a good time.The opening has an interesting clove nuance, it reminds me the smell of the little dried cloves when you open their package to pick some and put in some recipe. After that the carnation assumes its medicinal, oily side and also a powdery aroma in its flower accord.I notice that the cinnamon is worked in a complementary way to it, giving it a sweeter side.The rose and saffron here also work as complements, but to the flower part of the idea; they are structured to reflect the a silky, spicy, and sweet powdery aroma to the carnation. Oeillet Bengale finishes in a similar way to Washington Tremlett Clove Absolute in a sweet and resinous base of vanilla, benjoin, labdanum and tolu balsam, an oriental and warm base with a sweet side just right.I'm enthusiast of clove and carnation fragrances and i think this one is, thus, fascinating.
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