Agua de Fuerteventura

Agua de Fuerteventura by Agua de Fuerteventura
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A perfume by Agua de Fuerteventura for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is citrusy-woody. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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LemonLemon Mandarin orangeMandarin orange OrangeOrange
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Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose JasmineJasmine VioletViolet Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
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AmberAmber PatchouliPatchouli VetiverVetiver White muskWhite musk
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Horor vacui II
We're on the island a lot. Always very much. I felt obliged to buy my first own creation from the small local perfumery in La Oliva derewn, no matter how it smells. We bought the perfume at a big perfumery in Corralejo. The advertising images around it implied an aquatic scent. Sure, what else? During my holidays I sprayed the scent only once. Disappointment, a very simple fresh scent, immediately gone. The bottle landed first in the suitcase and at home finally in the shelf with many others. Then the scent remained unused for the time being. Understandable with all the great fragrances I have to choose from.
Nobody has this scent on their screen here, it doesn't appear in any wish list, there is no statement, no comment, no rating. I'd like to fill that gap. After that, of course, I'm king of this side. Clear so far?
First of all: Use fragrance. The temperatures here are just high summer. An Aquate will do. Especially since the sun shines into my office and the temperature at ten o'clock in the morning scratches the 30 degree mark. So first of all properly dieselled. I know it's a shallow scent. Oh yes, the first sprayer I remember: the spray attachment is great. It produces a wonderful, absolutely fine mist. I'm being wrapped in a mist of refreshment. How wonderful. And the scent is beautiful. That's the first time I've judged it, I didn't even have that in mind anymore. Then back to the desk, answer mails and so on. After all, I have to set off myself, talk to a colleague. I come to her office, the first thing she says: "People judge you well today". I know I smell good every day. Just don't say it. When someone says something, it means something. I'll pass her a printout. She said, "Now everything smells so delicious." Admittedly, there were three four sprayers. But that's that, too. Honestly. Not any more. The Sillage of the smell is thus completely differently noticed, than I suspected it.
Now to the fragrance: little fruity, fresh at the beginning, very fine and light and a little floral. Orange, but not like in "Orange sanguine", lemon also, but not like in "Lemon line". No refreshingly sour, no sweet fruits. Very gentle, like diluted with water, actually sea water, very authentic. If one had indicated "a day at the sea" in the fragrance pyramid, this would have been appropriate. Within an hour the fragrance becomes quite close to the body and dry. In fact, the smell reminds me of the scent of the island when one sits, for example, in one of the open lava bubbles directed to Merr in the bay at the red and white striped lighthouse of El Cotillo. It smells of the sea and dry plant parts and the warm sand at Flag Beach. I'm a little surprised how well the fragrance matches my holiday memories, how well the island is reproduced in this fragrance. Even the artificial colour of the perfume corresponds to the sea in some sections close to the beach. I've got vacation photos that prove that.
The secret is not the fleeting top note with the refreshing effect, but the fine, slightly woody sea scent in the base. A velvety, cinnamony patchouli.
is decisively involved in it For a year, the scent's been on my shelf. And now I get it. White sea spray, turquoise water, on the skin, dried on the beach under Africa's sun.


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