Figment Woman 2017

Figment Woman by Amouage
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Figment Woman is a perfume by Amouage for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Sabco Group / Oman Perfumery. Pronunciation
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GardeniaGardenia Sichuan pepperSichuan pepper SaffronSaffron
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac Orange blossomOrange blossom TuberoseTuberose CassiaCassia Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base Notes
FrankincenseFrankincense IrisIris PatchouliPatchouli PapyrusPapyrus


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The forest witch
** Figment
F = Fairies
I = Night Wisps
G = green
M = mystical
E = Elf
N = Fog
T = Trolley
Figment means imagination / fantasy?
Well, not so bad at all. Figment is wonderfully changeable. At least for me and my world. Figment lures you with pepper of the brizelt and orange blossom, which calms the nose again. You're a wild witch. You take care of nature, animals and plants. You protect the wounded and the mistaken. You're wearing a dress of bitter, bitter gardenia. Gardenia that keeps mosquitoes and other such sucking flying creatures away from you. Your dress has holes and patches. Patches of pure, bright papyros, framed with tufts of grass, freshly plucked, still with a little earth on it, like lovely patchouli. Holes, stitched with saffron threads so they don't rip any further. Yellow and juicy radiant. You're wearing a vest made of tuberose and ylang ylang. Cassia, fruity and herb-green are the buttons. The vest is open and with every step it moves and exudes a truly rich, flowery heavy aura that attracts every butterfly and bee. You could not even walk in front of forest visitors if the beautiful iris, which is so powdery and soft, would not protect your feet. Clear incense, like fine, but dense fog is before you, floats before you. You can smell it and touch it, but it doesn't wrap you up.
You are a forest witch, green flowering and gentle and then again a bright, lush flower meadow. You're cuddly soft and clean and then strong and sublime again. You're everything but ordinary
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A boggart
I did it!

I've faced my fear opponent. For months I avoided it over and over again, but today, today I did it: I sprayed myself with Figment Woman! I had tested it before, right after I got the sample. Until then I had always thought it an exaggeration when others wrote that they should have vomited while smelling a perfume, but now I had been close to it myself and am ready to apologize. I washed it off right away. And since then I sneaked around it, I sneaked around my fear adversary like never before around a scent.

You have to face your fear opponents, imagine them in underpants or e.g. call "Ridikkulus!" and then maybe they take the shape of Severus Snape in the clothes of Neville's grandmother. But would I succeed?

Well, I can say ahead of time: I still find Figment Woman unspeakably hideous, but I didn't vomit the second time, and this time I wear it bravely to the bitter end. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this comment. And I'm writing a comment on all the Amouages I test, because whether they taste good or not, I think they're always worth testing. I also want to understand why others wear it voluntarily. What's behind that disgusting top note? I'm just curious.

But first I try to describe more precisely what repels me so directly in the top note: It's not that easy because the smell in my nose doesn't smell of anything I know and could name. I only have associations: Something slightly viscous like spit and moist plants in a swamp, perhaps a hint of these flowers that bloom and stink at night to attract moths. I can't describe it any better than that. Unfortunately, this smell does not only remain for the first few minutes, but lasts until deep into the heart note.
I'm afraid it's the gardenia that I find so unpopular that is staged here in the worst possible way for me.

The heart note is still marked by this smell, and now there is something sticky, dull, which once again triggers the association in me that molecules would attach to my lung capillaries, so that I can no longer absorb oxygen.
In the course of the heart note, however, both become somewhat better. Now I smell the typical hotness of jasmine mixed with orange blossom. A combination that I almost always dislike, as already mentioned in some of my comments, seems to spur jasmine and orange blossom on each other to more aggressiveness. Who would have thought that I would be relieved to perceive the two in well-known bitchiness.
Unfortunately I can still smell something that I find disgusting, but now I realize more and more that it is gardenia.

But as I suspected, it all gets better and better the further it goes towards the base:
Now something smoky slowly begins to emerge. And again I think like I did with the jasmine with orange blossom: I would not have expected that I would one day welcome incense like a good old friend in a fragrance, because it is also one of the notes that often disturb me otherwise. Unfortunately, yes I have to say crazyly here unfortunately, the incense remains rather discreet.

Soon a little sweetness is added, which I find quite pleasant.
Now it gets better and better, but not because I really like the fragrance, no, the continuous elimination of unpleasant things makes me feel increasingly relieved I find it interesting that the base in my nose is not as lush as I am used to from Amouage.
I smell a hint of sandalwood, a little bit of sweetness, a little bit of acidity and some incense. I can imagine smelling Iris, but only because I read it in the pyramid. She's very discreet. I don't notice Patchouli, but I know that from myself. Since I like patchouli very much and I find it more intense in many of my fragrances, I'm obviously used to it and don't notice it anymore in very small amounts.
But overall I find the base very pleasant and delicate, I could also say pleasant, but weak. And yet, there is something that bothers me here as well: I find the base too acidic.

I've written a tear here now. But I have to admit that Figment is really not easy with me, because it contains three ingredients, which I always find difficult, and two, which I often find difficult, gardenia is also a big part of it.
It couldn't have been Sweetsmell75 can of course do nothing at all and I would like to thank you no less warmly than usual, but much belatedly, for the generous rehearsal. I am also quite happy not to have fallen for this Amouage. After the really great imitation Woman I wouldn't have wanted to put another Amouage on my wish list.
Even if I don't like it at all, it was very interesting for me to test Figment Woman. I faced my fear opponent, called "Ridikkulus!" and then...then I laughed heartily!

Yes, I did it!
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MyhorsesMyhorses 6 years ago
Begins with flashes of Honour w and Epic w but ends up in a supra realistic floral bouquet. Not for blind buy and quit atipic
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