Boundless by Amouage

Boundless 2021

30.04.2021 - 11:22 AM

Almost there but not quite

I had high expectations for Boundless after reading the note description, and the mood that Karine Vinchon-Spehner wants to portray with it.

Boundless opens sweet and spicy with blood orange, green cardamom and cinnamon tree/bark. It gives you a nice, warm feeling. If Spicebomb Infrared had smelled like this, it would have been an amazing scent. The opening feel lingers throughout the life of Boundless, but gets mixed in with the vanilla, tobacco, and all the woody/earthy oils (vetiver, gaiac, patchouli, etc). I don't pick up the cacao that much.

The times that I've tested it, I get reminded of spicebomb/Rehab/1899, Aramis Tobacco Reserve and a bit of Gucci PH 1 too. I do really like this scent, but for me it particularly feels flat in terms of projection and longecity. I find it hard to pick up after six hours, and it doesn't project much. For me this falls in the same line of newer Amouage fragrances like Meander and Enclave, that looks good on paper, starts out good, but just cannot reach the level that you would expect from Amouage due to their previous scents. I love Jubilation XXV, Journey, Beach Hut, Reflection Man, Epic Man. But the newer ones doesn't even come close.

So in summary, if this had been a designer I had paid 70-90€ for, it would have been an excellent fragrance, but because this is Amouage, I did expect more, and Boundless thus just becomes a good fragrance that I like, but don't love.
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