Cuir de Russie

Cuir de Russie by Anna Zworykina
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Cuir de Russie is a popular perfume by Anna Zworykina for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is leathery-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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CastoreumCastoreum GalbanumGalbanum LabdanumLabdanum OakmossOakmoss TarTar AbsinthAbsinth PatchouliPatchouli South Pacific sandalwoodSouth Pacific sandalwood TobaccoTobacco AmbergrisAmbergris AmbretteAmbrette MugwortMugwort Orange blossomOrange blossom BergamotBergamot CloveClove JasmineJasmine LemonLemon May roseMay rose VetiverVetiver Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang YuzuYuzu


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Russian Leather, the real deal.
I know that for many aficionados, Chanel's Cuir de Russie is the gold standard for the Cuir de Russie leather accord in perfumery. I beg to differ. For me, this is the gold standard. Anna Zworikyna's Cuir de Russie. From Russia with love.
Oh, and yes. I owned an 80's flacon of the first, so I have gone the vintage route before making this statement.
This version is the Parfum Extrait, which I much prefer over the EDP, as with all of Anna's works. The blending here is of an alchemy level, and the depth, the richness of the composition, are bottomless. All natural ingredients, so the olfactory spectrum just gets stretched beyond what synthetic molecules could possibly offer.
The pure parfum reveals the Cuir de Russie accord as soon as you spray it, and it dominates the show, the rest of the elements are just playing their fleeting part in the story. It is so well done, so finely tuned that it makes others look amateurish. The birch wood aroma is warm and slightly sweet, and the smokiness is just perfect, never too powerful, nor too soft. The castoreum usage here is my favorite of any perfume. Sweet, animalic, leathery, oily, and with a perceivable chewiness. These two essential notes for building a Cuir de Russie accord are not just exploited to the maximum, but cleverly embellished with auxiliary notes to create something far beyond a simple leather perfume. There is an aromatic, bracing, and bitter-green opening lifting the composition with the help of absinth and galbanum, maybe artemisia. And from the green aromatic burst, it shifts to delicate floral nuances in the heart, difficult to pinpoint, but easy to appreciate in their sumptuous beauty. And to the base, there is a significant addition of oakmoss, providing a beautiful inky-bitterness and velvety touch. It is a leather perfume of many facets. Aromatic-green, floral, and mossy. It might even be considered a leather-chypre, as the oakmoss is quite prominent. But it is woven so well that one can only taste the various flavors, see the colors, and feel the textures, but never separate them. The blending, quality, and complexity are first-class.
As a lover of leather, I have many favorites. And this genre has so many subcategories, as this accord can be exploited in many ways. But as far as the Cuir de Russie leather accord goes, this is the bar for me.


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The Leather Leisure Park
Like every first Friday in August, the big holiday in Herne was coming up, which the men were always feverishly looking forward to. A day of honour for someone very special who is held on this date and where no expense and effort is spared: it was the day of beer. Of course, people only drank beer then. Wolle even washed himself with it, which admittedly was not a single action.

Normally on this day of honour, people went to very special festivities such as the Prague motorcycle tour the year before, which ended with wool no longer being allowed to enter the country and the beer types there now only being bought from the beverage market. But that is another story. Because of Corona they decided to visit a theme park with the theme beer or leather. Unfortunately, Kernie's amusement park was cancelled against all expectations, the families there were bothered by beer-drenched frock wearers. Especially since they liked to lie on the floor drunk. In the queue at rides or like Hotte in the chain carousel.

So we visited the Cuir de Russie wonderland which was in family hands and belonged to Anna Zworykina. The clou: each ingredient of her fragrance Cuir de Russie was dedicated to a ride which was arranged in such a way that it should reflect the course of the fragrance. Therefore the attractions were sprayed with the respective scent. Very unusual and not without difficulties for Wolles Eleven, because the beer had to be held in the body. With one or the other one had doubts.

A classic start was made with the Tar-Antula, a kind of spider-legged carousel which reproduced the tar very spicy but it was not pure tar. The spice of animal origin came from Bibergeil, which covered the tar in leathery clothes without forgetting a spark of soft and cuddly tones. This was wonderfully represented by a beaver ram which rammed the Tar Antula and the individual wagons frontally. Thereby various rockers stained their clothes with beer, which led to the fact that one wrung out these and nothing to waste. The small barrel of wool fell out of the hand, thank God already emptied before.

Since these two fragrances were further refined by gently adding citrus fruits to the background, combined with absinthe, whose herbaceousness supported the beaver's horny, this mixture was poured from the roof of the attraction in buckets onto the participants when they left the rides. They spontaneously decided to use this ride several more times. Until then everyone moved on except for Udo, who had to be removed from the Tar-Antula in the evening.

As the scent was now slowly changing from animalistic to floral herbaceousness, the Galbanumizer, a white-water ride, continued. Some of Wolle's gang had to be literally forced because they were not in regular contact with water and a certain phobia had developed. Then the wild ride started. The boats plunged down a slope and the water washed around the men, Hotte even went overboard to save his crate of beer which was washed out despite his seat belt. In any case, the water had the olfactory effect that galbanum was now perceived as bitter-floral, which was given a twist by the tobacco, which now penetrated softly in the form of tobacco smoke, making Cuir de Russie so much more interesting. To underscore this note, each participant in the ride from the age of six years was given a box of Roth-Händle, which had to appear before leaving the attraction. The one or other rocker showed his Samaritan heart here, because not every child or old man could manage the box in 15 minutes.

Those who were still wet then could use the free huge dryer called LabdanumAIR, which supports the smell of the Galbanumizer olfactorically optimal, because not only balsamic-floral notes could be perceived but also a honey-like smell. However, this was more wild honey than from cultivated bee hives. Therefore, the park tour came up with the gag of letting every hundredth visitor drink down 100 litres of honey followed by a swarm of bees. This usually led to panic. Not with wool, because the bees could not cope with the huge cloud of beer haze surrounding him.

Back to the tobacco: this now radiates a certain warmth and since patchouli also penetrated in the form that it became earthy-warm and sweet, one now arrived in a theme city. One was allowed to ride horses in lederhosen, cheat each other in the saloon at a card game and afterwards duel with live ammunition or just drink beer. The ponies were fed with ambrette, which otherwise played no role in the scent. Wool tried to be a cowboy, lassoed his beer bottles and was soon brought down by the badly battered Shetland pony. Here, the wind blew the scent of the first rides over permanently, which led to a constantly changing scent experience. One was blown away (not only because of the advanced consumption).

Since Cuir de Russie is surrounded by a barely noticeable but nevertheless present cocoon, which is creamy, balsamic and at the same time sweet, which is due to the sandalwood, it was now transferred to the Asian theme area. Here one drove with a ghost riksha, which led to confusion, because some park visitors thought that the Herne troupe was the crew of the ride, Wolle felt called to it and one could only get him out of the panda cage, in which he was already sitting, with difficulty and a cool blond one. When he came out, you could clearly see the mixture of animal and sandalwood, which always changed between weak sillage and clear perception including animalism.

What followed was a kind of ride that was supposed to offer a contemplative finish, but not without turning around 500 times and thus was a top spin attraction in the first place. But the Oak Moss Hammer was not in operation at the moment, there were problems, the Oak Moss did not provide cooling moments but was finally lost in the conglomeration of the individual ingredients. This defect was caused by the wig construction which did not work properly.

At the end, the park visitor walked through a tunnel again which is impressively sprayed with Cuir de Russie, but traces the course of the fragrance after several hours, which now appears like a creamy and fluffy-animal potpourri of ingredients in a fading state.

So the men went to the parking lot filled with a lot of beer, started the motorcycles and were about to leave. "There's one missing," said Wolle. "Where is Udo?"
"Not here, boss." "He's probably already arrived, the rascal!" "But his motorcycle is still there..." "Driving up!"
And the troops dashed off
Epilogue: a bottle of beer was forgotten by the guards in the panda enclosure. This was then emptied extensively by the inhabitant who got a taste for it. Since then he was only called Panbier.


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