Love In Idleness 2015

Love In Idleness by Atkinsons
Bottle Design Aesthete, Thierry de Baschmakoff
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7.5 / 10 97 Ratings
Love In Idleness is a popular perfume by Atkinsons for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by Perfume Holding. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top Notes RaspberryRaspberry Grasse violet leafGrasse violet leaf
Heart Notes Heart Notes Grasse violetGrasse violet IrisIris HeliotropeHeliotrope
Base Notes Base Notes PatchouliPatchouli Tree mossTree moss


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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 15.03.2023.
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"When the little violets bloom
This is the name of a so-called "Singspiel" in two acts, to which Robert Stolz already wrote the music at the beginning of the thirties.
The older ones of us surely still know him, the little old man: he often sat in the audience - in the middle of the first row - in the television programmes in which his music was heard; next to him his "Einzi", his considerably younger wife.
In 1968 this spring-like love story was filmed for television and broadcast for a long time, almost regularly on 1 May, but at the latest on Ascension Day.
I still remember it well: the circular straw hats, the summery light wardrobe from the time before the First World War; it was a magical story that flickered across the screen at that time.

"Love in Idleness" from Atkinson's "The Legendary Collection" immediately reminded me of this nice melody (and it's still there now; a catchy tune!).
Here the violet does not appear small and shy; no, it speaks clearly!
It doesn't wait until the strong green of the violet leaf and the ripe raspberry make their appearance: it's "violet time" - and that's right!
The Grasse violet (mostly harvested in Tourrettes-sur-Loup and processed in Grasse) harmonizes wonderfully with the freshness of the raspberries: the special violet sweetness becomes slightly more tangy, less creamy-sweet. That's good for you!
But this dark-violet little guy also brings along other fragrant companions: Heliotrope is ready with the same color with its vanilla-like aroma.
It makes the still slightly fresh violet-raspberry mix warm; the proud iris contributes a pleasant powderiness here.
Fragrant violet powder - violet pastilles: that's it!
Of course, at some point I end up back with my once so beloved violet pastilles.
How could it be any different?
The sewing needles are now in one of the tin cans in which they were packed: yesterday I just had it back in my hand.
And body powder with the smell of violets - well, that doesn't sound bad either: a bit old-fashioned perhaps, but still quite charming!
This powdery fragrance beauty is grounded by moss: dark, felt moist and very natural, it provides a perfect base for the flowery powdery sweetness.
Almost naturally "Darling Patchouli" appears now and draws golden brown scent traces through this simply beautiful dark violet - a really successful finale!

"Love in Idleness" corresponds to the image of an English lady who always comes across as fragrant: with hats and gloves and perhaps even with the knitting in a basket.
This charming creature settles down comfortably with me for some time; the scent peak reached remains constant until "Love in Idleness", like her, after a few cups of tea and a lot of gossip and laughter, says goodbye with a cheerful "See you tomorrow, Dear!" and floats away!

So "Love in Idleness" is a lovely acquaintance.
Not every day, but I'm sure it'll be welcome once in a while.
Maybe this lady will appear with her knitting for tea: I would be happy!
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