The Most Wanted Parfum by Azzaro

The Most Wanted Parfum 2022

10.09.2022 - 02:45 PM

Put A Bounty On Yourself (its a good thing!)

This is a borderline 'wow' for me, where like almost turns to love. It's pocket is date night/close encounter, so don't expect a lot of projection and sillage (your skin may yield a different result) as parfums generally stay closer to the skin. It has a reputation as a compliment puller and its been true in my case, so its crowd pleasing at the minimum. High sex appeal, low complexity. If you're just starting out with building a collection or new to fragrances in general, this is a great pick up! Even as a straight blind-buy. This is best for cooler weather evenings and gents in their late 20s and up but keep in mind, 'best' is just a suggestion based on a scent profile. The matrix is yours to break!

Speaking of, I get undertones of grape from MWP, which I really like. It's not vanilla-heavy to my nose (and great because I have plenty of vanilla-featuring fragrances already). It's really balanced, so its not overly sweet. I consider this gourmand-ish, as its a bit lighter and subtler than other gourmands I've put my nose to. I wish I picked up on more booziness.

I really like the bottle/presentation. The atomizer is a solid quick spritz and the cap secures nicely. I bought it at retail and felt it was a tad overpriced at $105 for a 100ml. I hadn't been to a fragrance counter in person since the pandemic began, so I didn't mind that much. This is a welcome addition to my fall/winter rotation. 9/10
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