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Throughout Blauer's history, the brand followed a unique path filled with continuous innovation.

Originated as "Blauer. USA", it was founded in the mid-1930s in Boston, USA. After the economic crisis and the Second World War, things were looking up, and skyscrapers started springing up all around the city. That's why a large part of the Blauer collection initially consisted of practical workwear.

Starting 1950, Louis Blauer's label supplied uniforms and turnout gear for police forces. The pants, shirts, jackets, socks, and shirts were very popular mainly due to their functionality. Therefore, other outfitters soon approached "Blauer. USA" to obtain practical, robust, and durable workwear from them. The company also signed supply contracts with the Army, the Navy, the professional fire department, the Rangers, and the Secret Service of the US President.

It is precisely this clientele to which "Blauer. USA" caters. The brand focuses on waterproofness and practicality, in addition to the best materials and high-quality artistry. Due to this high-quality level "Blauer. USA" is considered the best producer of workwear and uniforms.

Of course, "Blauer. USA" also supplies the civilian sector. The down jackets, in particular, are borrowed from the uniforms, and enjoy great popularity. The company thus perfectly embodies the American lifestyle.
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