Fashion Avenue 2003

Fashion Avenue by Bond No. 9
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Fashion Avenue is a perfume by Bond No. 9 for women and was released in 2003. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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The feeling after a nap, which you always don't really know whether you like it or not
Peacefulness and confused dreams lurk in the deep sleep of a slumber during the day.
There is a feeling of addiction to warm, wonderful sleep, almost angry and yet so fragile. After waking up, the throat is dry and dilated, the disorientation often great, the slight throbbing in the stomach satisfied, somewhere a remnant of threatening, dreamlike unreality remains.

All this is "Fashion Avenue" to me in one fragrance.
A ravishing mimosa is the beginning of this sleepy temptation. With her flowery sweetness and unadulterated clarity she draws all attention to herself, is cheeky, bright and nimble and lures us with a gurgling giggle ..........into the stable. Fortunately, there is no cow to be seen for miles around. The barn is empty and runs over before afternoon sun, which runs through all cracks in the dry wood. It smells of warm hay and that is the moment when it is too late to resist the temptation of a little nap, because the hay is just too soft not to be embedded in it. Immediately we are numbed by a heavy, pulling feeling of well-being, into which we can let ourselves fall like into a kiss, which does not get boring and to which giving in to it constantly and anew is the greatest bliss! From time to time we twitch briefly in our sleep and curl our nose because a bear-sized lime is following us in our dreams and throwing pulp fibres at us, which we try to avoid more badly than right. And so we toss and turn in gentle excitement through the golden afternoon until we are awakened and the aforementioned slight burning down the chest gives off a mixture of threatening doom and security. But who actually dared to tear us out of this blissful slumber, and just then, when the evil lime has been killed by a huge bale of hay? Of course, the mimosa. She had shyly moved away just after we arrived at the stable, as mimosas do. But since she is a curious creature, she opened up again after an hour, stalked and watched us sleeping with big green eyes. There are worse bedroom mates to wake up and so we watch each other from a safe distance. The sun is already setting and somewhere a small lucky memory in us bursts and dissolves the indecision whether this after-lunch nap feeling is pleasant or not, clearly in the beautiful direction
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Scrumptious, Resiny Mimosa
I'm on a mimosa roll, so why not take this opportunity to explain why I love Bond no 9 FASHION AVENUE? First off, it's not a mimosa soliflore: it is a fully composed and complex perfume. I've seen some dismissive reviews of this creation by wearers who seem to have been expecting some sort of Demeteresque facsimile of mimosa flower. If that's what you're looking for, then FASHION AVENUE probably isn't your best choice. It has as much linden as it does mimosa, in addition to several other notes, including a clean musky base which gives this composition excellent longevity (one of my pet peeves for niche perfumes, above all...).

FASHION AVENUE gleams, as it should in order to reflect its name. It manages somehow to convey a sense of bling while still being pleasing to me. Think of all of those models wearing piles of Chanel belts and chains. That to me is the essence of this perfume. In fact, that whole image fits much better with Bond no 9, the house of bling, than it does with the perfumes of Chanel.

Bond no 9 is an American perfume house, the first blasphemy. It is run by a French woman expatriated from France, blasphemy number two. It offers expensive perfumes in elaborate, eye-popping packaging, blasphemy number three, and a big "no-no" to all of the "I smell perfume in a cultural vacuum and sensory deprivation tank" types. Some of the compositions smell like designer perfumes, which people love to complain about, but it makes a lot of business sense, really. Hello? People LIKE and want to wear those kinds of perfumes, so Bond no 9 is trying to put out "something for everyone". The whole Baudrillardian package is so beautiful to me in its absurd excesses, that the only emotion I can muster up is affection for the people who thought this whole colossus up! For heaven's sake: the boxes have a Spirograph design on the cover! The bottles are shaped like stars! They sell perfume in huge 17,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted amphoras! Bond no 9 is a big fat metaphor for the Mall of America, people. Lighten up and see the humor and boundless joy in all of this!!!!!

Back to FASHION AVENUE. Ultimately, I love this perfume because it smells sooooooo very fine. It's fresh and gleamy and golden, like mimosa dipped in gold dust. Or pyrite--as you like.
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