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Collie / Colonia (Perfume Oil) by Bruno Acampora
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Collie is a perfume by Bruno Acampora for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is citrusy-green. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Cheerfulness to dab on
After the quite heated and scratched mood of the last days here with us it is time for a change of mood and cheering up. On the one hand, the almost heavenly good weather with lots of sunshine (light and vitamin D and so on, you know what to do?) and on the other hand, citrus fruits are also known to be excellent.
Who doesn't know the feeling of unrolling a tangerine, soaking up this delicious scent, eating it piece by piece and the corners of your mouth automatically going up ?
All other citrus fruits have the same effect. Mood enhancer par excellence. And they smell so delicious. And they taste good. And they are healthy too. And in scents they look good when they're not so prickly and pungent.

And this brings us to the Collie Perfume Oil from Bruno Acampora, a brand that was completely unknown to me until recently, but which is worth a closer look.
Collie, at first I had to laugh out loud at the name. But here it does not smell like dog ;-)

Hmm, a fragrance as an oil to dab on, I was a little skeptical at first. I'm not so much the swab, I'm more of a sprayer. But you should be open to new things. And that let the sunshine in for a change.
Tangerine is not contained in this perfume oil, but a mood-lifting effect I can attest to this fragrance in any case.
This fragrant oil starts with a full load of bergamot and lemon, which have been richly pampered by the sun and are wonderfully aromatic and juicy. Even bergamot, which can otherwise be a bit severe and grumpy, shows its sunny and cheerful side here.
Early Petitgrain from the bitter orange makes itself felt, authentically incorporated, with a small handful of jasmine flowers, young and delicate. I always like Petitgrain in fragrances, it gives them a beautiful green and slightly herbaceous note. Jasmine can quickly become obtrusive, but here jasmine is used in such a pleasant and restrained way that it only gives a hint of floralness. White flowers go best with this fragrance anyway.
A hint of amber and musk give a fine spice, which gives the fragrance a certain piquant tension.
Here it shows once again that it does not need too many and wildly mixed ingredients to create a successful fragrance. On the contrary, the uncomplicated composition makes the fragrance just so beautiful and cheerful.

Collie awakens the desire for summer, for leisure, for light-heartedness and immediately dispels gloomy moods.
I roam in my mind through a lush citrus grove and the best, juiciest and most appetizing fruits roll around in front of my feet and I just want to pick them up and bite them...
So appetising and delicious is the fragrance itself, in such a beautifully made way that you want to lick yourself like a fool all the time. Nothing here seems artificial, nothing stings, nothing reminds you of a dishwasher lemon, everything is round, soft, delicious. And that the corners of the mouth are high up, I don't have to mention again...

I have rarely perceived such authentic and appetizing citrus notes in a fragrance as with Collie. I am thrilled by the simplicity of the composition and the harmony and sunny mood that the fragrance exudes.
And Collie doesn't just do that for a few fleeting moments, but for a very long time, about 14 hours, as Angua has already mentioned, are easily in there. Excellent! For a light citrus scent this is remarkable.
I take once (!) some scented oil with a toothpick and distribute something to the carotid arteries and am so long wonderfully scented.
There is nothing obtrusive about it, you are perceived with the scent but nobody would think of turning up their nose or feeling exhausted.

This also justifies the rather high price, since the raw materials used here are obviously really high quality.
I'm usually more out of the story when it comes to high-priced fragrances, but Collie could actually become a serious buying candidate for the summer, possibly as an extra.

My very big thanks go to Angua, who made it possible for me to get to know this great fragrance. I am really enthusiastic about it.
There are other scented oils from Acampora with me that want to be discovered. Let's see what kind of mood they put me in.
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