Wild Dragon's Blood 2017

Wild Dragon's Blood by Bud Parfums
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Wild Dragon's Blood is a perfume by Bud Parfums for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is oriental-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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BeeswaxBeeswax BenzoinBenzoin CedarwoodCedarwood Dragon's bloodDragon's blood FrankincenseFrankincense LabdanumLabdanum MossMoss MuskMusk PatchouliPatchouli


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Bud Parfums / Wild Dragon's Blood
This red juice straight from Australia can confuse your head.
The idea and inspiration for this fragrance are:
-dragon blood
-3 golden dragon eggs and a dragon lair.
A perfume in which we can feel many dark notes. I feel:
- earthy notes: earth, patchouli;
-wood notes: forest, mossy wood, oakmoss;
-resin and incense notes (smooooke from burned labdanum and olibanum) and
- the notes of the animal ... maybe this is what this dragon smells like ... animally, with hair, musk and ... real hair.
Walk in solitude and silence now, through the dark, damp and misty forest, the unearthed earth, mossy trees, amidst the smoke towards the ever more pronounced smell, ..... lair .... what the hell is this? Can you feel it, can you feel it? Have a nice experience :-)
And if they will be nice for you, you can check it yourself.

Ingredients: Dragon's blood (whatever it is), resin, cedar wood, musk, benzoin, beeswax, labdanum, olibanum / incense, patchouli, oakmoss and gold leaf (I don't know either).

Durability and sensational projection
And an additional curiosity: the smell after using it in the air starts to smell animally, while on the skin it is more resinous and pleasant.
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Anglomania for Gents
Dou you still remember the „red“ fragrances that were so popular at the end of the 1980ies? Jil Sander’s Feeling Man, Gainsboro’s G-Man and, most of all, Joop! Homme which has survived the times? The colour red, being part of the packaging, somehow seemed to have an olfactory equivalent in those perfumes – and not just there. Scented tea with wild cherry flavour was hip, and one or the other perfume buyer – without being clear about it – may have let his taste experience influence his buying decision.

Is it the red colouring of the perfume that made me smell Joop! Homme for a split second? Howard Jarvis, our friend from Australia, however, sees his latest gents’ fragrance in a completely different setting. One reads about Redwood forests, about lichen and moss. It is humid and foggy, and lastly, a dragon appears – apparently a peaceful dragon, as he lets the hiker have a glimpse into his glimmering golden clutch.

I have no idea how pure Dragon’s Blood oil smells like. This note is found rarely in perfumes. Maybe it is the basis of the not quiet correct impression of red and black berries that I get. Be that as it may, here, a dark and powerful red was transferred into a perfume. Sometimes, one really can smell a colour...

Wild Dragons blood does not take long preliminaries. The fragrance is present in an instant – beautiful, grand and extensive. Caution is advised: very few spritzes are enough to flood a room. The sillage is too strong for the office. Better wear it in the evening, maybe on a spree through smoky bars. Some courage is required nevertheless since this dragon’s fragrance is quite loud.

This perfume bears the signature of its creator. During drydown – which starts setting in after an hour or so – the woodiness of the primarily appearing cedar oil is more and more pushed aside by a resinous note. I have smelled this resin or a similar note in other Bud perfumes before.

What I like in this fragrance is the balance of the different notes. Only those who are searching for it will isolate a whiff of frankincense or beeswax here or there. More than that, I smell the work that may have been necessary to achieve this balance.

Let’s go back to red: once, there was a wonderfully strong, red and robust ladies’ fragrance which I really regretted not being able to wear as a man: Vivienne Westwoods Anglomania. Concerning style and expression, Wild Dragons Blood comes quite close to it. But with its woody and resinous notes, it stays on the masculine side.

With Wild Dragons Blood, Howard Jarvis contributes a beautiful perfume to a fragrance category that one does not find so often. He asked me to write a few lines, and I gladly accepted his request.
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