CK One Summer 2020 by Calvin Klein

CK One Summer 2020 2020

09.01.2023 - 09:11 PM

A Versatile (and Possibly Boring) Summer Option.

I wrote a statement about five months ago after I purchased CK One Summer 2020 on a whim. It's not a terrible fragrance, but I found it underwhelming. After smelling it again at the time of this review, my opinion has not changed much.


CK One Summer 2020 opens with a blend of orange and ginger. However, the combination comes across as a artificial citrus smell reminiscent of a freshly cleaned home or apartment (Lemon Pine-Sol comes to mind). The clean scent is not unpleasant or unwelcome, but it is quite unremarkable.

Once the citrus softens after 30 minutes, the dry down softly combines sweet amber and light herbs with saltiness. This aspect makes the fragrance worth trying.

Like most of the CK One line, the scent receives promotion as a unisex scent. However, unlike most of the CK One line that has a feminine lean, Summer 2020 genuinely doesn’t have a masculine or feminine lean.


Performance-wise, there is not much to say about CK One Summer 2020, except to not hold any high expectations.

In terms of longevity, it lasts about only four hours at most. Three hours is more likely, which may work for a quick errand or date, but is nowhere near enough for a day at the office without a respray or two.

In terms of sillage and projection, the scent stays close to the skin. However, a person sensitive to citrus scents may pick it up as you pass by them. This means that while it won’t gather attention from other people, it won’t offend people either.

To be fair, this is typical of most summer scents in the affordable price range.


In terms of seasonal usage, CK One 2020 gets promotion as a summer fragrance, and it mostly fits that bill. The sweetness gives it some flexibility in milder spring and autumn temperatures.

Socially, it is versatile enough to work in any scenario outside of a formal event. It could work in an office or school setting—if you are okay with respraying. It can also work on a quick date or a meetup with friends. (With an emphasis on the word quick.)

That said, the sweetness from the citrus and amber makes it a decent casual scent for both relaxing at home or going out on a walk in the evening. However, the sweetness is not overbearing and makes it a reasonable option for a post-workout scent.

Overall, CK One Summer 2020 is a decent budget-friendly option found in rack stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Burlington, etc., or at an online retailer.

That said, I wouldn't recommend blindly buying it if you're paying the retail price. (Then again, I wouldn’t recommend buying any Calvin Klein fragrance at full retail.) Also, if you’re looking for an artistic flair or something that draws attention, disappointment awaits.

While I feel there are better summer options available in the market, if you’re looking for a budget citrus fragrance that also works in the summer or the gym, CK One Summer 2020 may be a great choice for you.
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