Brilliant Wish 2010

Brilliant Wish by Chopard
Bottle Design Fabrice Legros, Pi Design
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7.5 / 10 190 Ratings
Brilliant Wish is a perfume by Chopard for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Pink pepperPink pepper Red berriesRed berries
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Star jasmineStar jasmine Violet leafViolet leaf
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AmberAmber MuskMusk


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Scent testimonial for our neat scent companion
Ms. Anett Adrett-Wishli, born in 2010 in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland, has been a brand ambassador and fragrance companion in our company since her first spray until today.

Founded in Switzerland in 1860, our internationally renowned house is one of the last family-run watch and jewelry manufacturing companies and a leader in luxury fragrances. Our House is distinguished by boundless creative audacity, olfactory richness and a vision of ageless luxury. We were one of the first companies to establish Fragrance Companions, who, with our dynamic and forward-looking concept, take our esteemed Parfumos into a completely new olfactory experience and a beguiling olfactory cosmos and accompany them on a daily basis.

As brand ambassador and fragrance companion, Ms. Adrett-Wishli was first introduced to our philosophy and product portfolio. Ms. Adrett-Wishli was initially assigned to the marketing department, then moved to the fragrance accompaniment of our exclusive fragrance "Brilliant Wish". There she is responsible for the largely independent support and accompaniment of our perfumers and has full power of attorney. To your extensive area of responsibility include in particular:

Placement of her service in the relevant forum to determine the fit in alignment with personal fragrance preferences,

Receipt, booking and order execution,
independently visits and accompaniment,
Reminder process if service is not fully utilized.

Ms Adrett-Wishli has an upbeat, sparkling and slightly citrusy demeanour and aura with a certain tendency to be green. She always manages to hide the barely present berry aroma with extreme skill and finesse. She skilfully uses her powdery violet leaf for the neat and clean aspect and knows how to convince with a subtle star jasmine and sweetness. Her philanthropy she underlines with warm amber and musk notes, which ensure a confidence-inspiring character and elegant appearance.

Ms. Adrett-Wishli completes the tasks assigned to her to our complete satisfaction and achieves the best work results. Determined and with an entrepreneurial mindset, she succeeds in acquiring new perfumers and inspiring them with her range of fragrances. With her neat and discreet appearance, she shows herself to be an elegant fragrance companion who acts in the background. Due to her excellent scent characteristics, she is booked for the scent accompaniment of the elegant business lady in white blouse and trouser suit as well as for private use. Through her many years of experience, good perfume relationship and empathy, she effortlessly succeeds in guaranteeing an optimal fragrance application. An emotional-haptic relationship succeeds through her own appearance, which resembles a faceted crystal and is made in good glass quality.

With high service orientation as well as her fragrant skills, our company is represented by her in an exemplary manner. Her relationship with the perfumos is always impeccable.

Ms. Adrett-Wishli is, of course, not leaving our company. We also do not regret her departure yet, but thank her for her good and extremely dedicated services. For her fragrant future we wish her continued success and all the best.
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Today I tried it again with Brilliant Wish, but I just can't manage it: I just can't believe this scent. He slips away from me again and again.

I've always had a covetous look at Wish - the blue firstling in this incredibly great bottle ;-) Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that we did not fit together, viiiel too sweet. Looking for something lighter for the summer, I happened to come across Brilliant Wish, the golden sister. Interesting fragrance pyramid, encouraging comments, no price - he was allowed to move in. I've been trying to make friends ever since. A friendly, quite light scent blows at me. Flowers, gentle warmth, not too sweet. But I can't get much further.

I try to recognize him, identify what makes him tick, but he doesn't show himself to me. Brilliant Wish remains totally unspecific to me, and "vamoos" quickly. I can't even find it on my scarf anymore (it always works, the scents don't stay on my skin for long).

Brilliant Wish is for me the fragrance that surrounds me when I enter a perfumery. Quasi Douglas in a bottle. Cleopatra says it to her comment: it doesn't hurt anyone. That's right, he's not unpleasant, but he doesn't do me any good. Too bad, I would have liked to have liked you. My third comment and at the same time premiere for the Souk
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