Tumulte pour Homme 2005 Eau de Toilette

Tumulte pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Christian Lacroix
Bottle Design Federico Restrepo
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8.5 / 10 71 Ratings
Tumulte pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Christian Lacroix for men and was released in 2005. The scent is woody-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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LaurelLaurel JuniperJuniper
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Atlas cedarAtlas cedar Chinese cedarChinese cedar Texas cedarTexas cedar Virginia cedarVirginia cedar


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The round dance of incense and the murmur in the cedar forest
This scent is strange. And strangely good. Here lives an old magician, who means well with the visitors, in an ancient cedar forest.
"So this must be it," I think, "the gateway to the sorcerer's woods...
when I see tall laurel trees and juniper bushes leaving an "entrance" free.
Only a wobbly wooden gate with a sliding bar between the trunks.
Carefully I enter the terrain and can already perceive all the scents of the woods.
I am surrounded by all sorts of stately cedars, and their bluish pinnapped tops create the same bluish light where the sun penetrates.
It's cool here. Pleasantly cool.
A little away from me, in the middle of the cedar grove, lies a kind of clearing.
It is circular and in its center there is a hut.
From her now come fogglegleche, slender figures, led by an ancient, white-haired man, supported by a knotty wooden stick, doc h he is still very agile.
The figures all have a bowl in their hands in which incense lies.
The "old one" gives the first one a fire to light, and he passes it on in turn until all the shells emit smoke.
"Oh, what a fragrance!!! " I call out to the crowd with pleasure, without any shyness.
I can almost feel the "good intentions" of this strange looking round dance.
Now I become more and more calm and relaxed, and suddenly I find myself among the dancers. All have a friendly, benevolent face and murmur into the night ahead. The scent of the cedar has long since mixed with the aroma of the incense and "intoxicates" all those present. Fine mists rise, wonderfully fragrant, and let everyone dream.....
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Kyoto + Rush Men =
Still a mistery to me how can someone name “Tumulte” such a peaceful, quietly refined “zen” harmony of ultra-sharp bright woods and spices. Tumulte pour Homme sits exactly halfway Comme des Garçons Kyoto and Gucci Rush for Men, tending more towards the latter; a bit less sophisticated and less “creamy” (and just less unique), more breezy and colder than Rush, but still a bit softer and warmer than Kyoto, also more natural-smelling than that. I’d throw in also Carven Homme since I think I get a slightly similar floral sandalwood note here, although the atmosphere here is decidedly colder and sharper than in Carven, and way less complex.

So if you are familiar with those names, you can already easily and pretty precisely imagine how this smells; if you aren’t, then simply think of a smooth, balsamic, sort of futuristic-aloof and really clean cedar-sandalwood scent with some fresh edgy spices (juniper and pepper), a hint of citrus, a really subtle powdery feel and an elegantly lunar and weightless atmosphere. In the same league of dozens of similar designers, but quite above most of them quality-wise, and closer to the very best of these post-2000s “white woodies” – Rush Men, a couple of Comme des Garçons and so on, as mentioned above. By “quality” I mean here mostly the depth and the vibrancy; the few notes smell rich and uplifting, blended in a really effortless and harmonic way, there’s really no cheap nuances (as in many similar, yet inferior scents – think of Azzaro Visit; that’s a clean woody scent, by the way similar to Rush and Tumulte, but with a quite evident cheaper vibe).

Probably a bit redundant if you already own some of the scents I mentioned, especially the best of them (Rush Men), but still a really nice, sophisticated sharp gem of square cut woods. Don’t get fooled by the unrelated, inexplicably horrid packaging and bottle.

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AusscentAusscent 4 months ago
A very good winter fragrance, all woods and incense. The frankincense is there from the outset and lingers. Lovely bottle design, too.
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MatuxMatux 2 years ago
A dark linear cedar blend that does not evolve at all.
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