Ambre Antique 1905

Ambre Antique by Coty
Bottle Design René Lalique
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Ambre Antique is a popular perfume by Coty for women and was released in 1905. The scent is floral-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
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François Coty, the innovator
François Spoturno, a Corsican, loses his parents very early and is brought up by his grandmother. When he is 13 years old, she no longer has enough money to pay for his school, but this does not diminish François' ambition. In 1900 he went to Paris and became the personal secretary of the politician Emmanuel Arène. François saw how Parisian companies were preparing for the forthcoming Universal Exhibition and happened to meet the pharmacist Raymond Goëry, who took him to a perfumers' event. Although François has no previous knowledge of chemistry or perfume, he is so fascinated by the subject that he spends all his free time in Goëry's laboratory.
This Goëry produces a traditional Eau de Cologne that François mixes in his experiments with other perfumes of the period, with scents that seem to him somehow unimaginative and lame.
And soon he makes the courageous decision to study chemistry, so he moves to Grasse. Here he works with the Chrisis laboratory and learns how to combine natural and synthetic ingredients to create a new fragrance.
To start his own business, François borrowed money from his grandmother and changed his name to Coty, which was his mother's maiden name.
He opens his first shop in the Rue de la Boétie. François has neither the capital nor the experience of the established perfume companies, but he has one decisive advantage: his unconditional will to innovate It is precisely because he is still completely unknown that he is able to defy all style guidelines and win over new, broader groups of buyers beyond the nobility and the rich bourgeoisie. He wanted to create new perfumes for all women and his first fragrance, "La Rose Jacqueminot", 1904, was already a success. In 1905, he launched "L'origan", and also "Ambre Antique", which will be discussed in more detail later "Ambre Antique" seduces not only by its perfectly balanced mixture of floral and spicy notes on a base of vanilla and musk, but also by its outward appearance.
Coty is revolutionizing not only the way fragrances are created, but all other areas of production as well. It's also extremely clever when it comes to packaging and marketing.
"Un parfum se regarde autant qu'il se sent", Coty's motto still applies today.
Coty began working with René Lalique in 1910: Coty's sales figures are rising and rising.
In 1923, François Coty was a powerful industrialist, one of the most important entrepreneurs in France. He even acquires the newspaper "Le Figaro" Until his death in 1934, he was a major revolution in the perfume industry, a true "self-made man".
Others move to :
The former general manager of Coty, Armand Petitjean, founded his own company in 1935 and called it Lancôme...

Who, what, how... etc. belongs to today and which corporations are dividing up the cake in the 21st century, I don't want to break down here.
I wanted to tell a little bit about the career of the great Coty, whose "Ambre Antique" I unfortunately do not have in my collection. However, I was allowed to test the fragrance (a thousand thanks to Gandix, whose vintage collection is extraordinary!!!) and I am completely thrilled. It reminds me of "Obsession" by Calvin Klein, but in a "finer version" - maybe this comparison helps to imagine the fragrance.
Just to experience all the works of the great François Coty in their beauty, it is worth visiting the Osmothèque in Versailles. Or perhaps a detour to Gandix?
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