Les Royales Exclusives - Pure White Cologne by Creed

Les Royales Exclusives - Pure White Cologne 2012

08.01.2022 - 01:04 AM

My favourite fragrance of all time!

Pure White Cologne is a luxurious take on the classic "cologne" style of fragrance. Blending the traditional italian chords with contemporary (and somewhat unexpected notes) like the pear and the rice flour note, Creed brings with you this scent an uplifting gentlemen’s fragrance. Very clean and bright - pure as the name suggests. This fragrance opens in an effervescence way with citrus notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit leading into the crisp and fresh heart notes of pear, petit grain, galbanum and neroli (but please note that this does not smell like classic neroli as Neroli Portofino and alikes). This Creed Royale Exclusive scent closes with the brand's classic DNA of ambergris and warm white musk. Creed claims "Pure White Cologne is a contemporary homage to the legendary colognes and fashions of the Regency and Victorian eras."
Although reading the notes it may seem as it is a very simple fragrance, PWC is very enticing and exciting. A pure and white cologne that feels to my as happiness in a bottle. A ray of sunlight in a green landscape. It does have this green and powdery fell to it (more green), but the powdery side of it is very minimal - just a touch!
Creed describe it as "Freshly pressed and perfectly tailored, a classic white shirt is the timeless foundation upon which the most stylish of Society – both past and present – build their iconic, fashionable ensembles. A simple, traditional bedrock that paves the way for visionary progress and endless creativity." This is totally what it is. A perfect blended fragrance! Simple, traditional and timeless.

Perfect 10!
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