Heirloom Elixir - A/Embers 2020 Eau de Parfum

Heirloom Elixir - A/Embers (Eau de Parfum) by DSH Perfumes
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8.3 / 10 6 Ratings
Heirloom Elixir - A/Embers (Eau de Parfum) is a limited perfume by DSH Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is smoky-resinous. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Pine needle absolutePine needle absolute SpicesSpices AngelicaAngelica Fir needleFir needle
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Bulgarian rose ottoBulgarian rose otto Orris concreteOrris concrete Bulgarian rose absoluteBulgarian rose absolute Jasminum grandiflorumJasminum grandiflorum Oak wood CO2Oak wood CO2
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AmberAmber AmbergrisAmbergris Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam CastoreumCastoreum FrankincenseFrankincense Frankincense CO2 absoluteFrankincense CO2 absolute LabdanumLabdanum Birch tarBirch tar Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla Cistus absoluteCistus absolute East indian patchouliEast indian patchouli Elemi resinElemi resin Fossilised amberFossilised amber MyrrhMyrrh Texas cedarTexas cedar


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Submitted by Anessa, last update on 30.04.2021.
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Dark spicy amber, dry wood
For a long time nothing happened in Aicha vorm Wald. Only the cow Trixi of the farmer Egon ran away and blocked the only way out of the village. That was a big deal, an extra sheet of the village post was printed the next day about it. With interview itself from the Trixi. It was nothing to Inspector Wensker, though. He usually spent his early evenings in the garden or with his growing daughter. Not always the latter did his mind good.
So most mornings he lay on his desk in the office and watched Rubert and Schaller fool around. Today they were trying to pour hot soup down each other's pants.
Suddenly the phone rang, Wensker answered it and all at once his countenance brightened. He hung up: "Colleagues, a new case! A duo of thieves is said to be here, amber artifacts were stolen, the robbers were last seen in Klausi's hermitage."
"Oh, those two! We had a bar with them yesterday! That was stolen goods? We thought they were artists!"
"Schaller...no words, and now let's get over there and investigate on the spot!"
"Sure. We'll just finish the liverwurst sandwiches quickly, my very revered Mrs. Mahatmama Gandix prepared these."
"Come on now, you good-for-nothings!"

So first they drove to Klausi's hermitage. "Phew, it smells like a angelica farm in here! Quite herbaceous, slightly peppery but also balsamic of fir trees!"
"Well, we're on the edge of the forest, boss..."
"Ah, in you two experts go!"
They went in and questioned the landlord of Klausi's hermitage, Ferenc Transylvania.
"Tell me, what do you know about the two out-of-town guests from last night?"
"But Schaller, you were drinking with them for hours!"
"Anyway, did you notice anything? Maybe some valuable looking items?"
"The ones you two were just mucking about with yesterday and your mate Rubert was pouring booze into?"
"Yes....exactly those."
"You did run with them and those two to their car afterwards to then hunt wild boars in the woods at night and drunk!"
"Now that you mention it...that's right. And this car, what did it look like?"
"It's parked right next to your police car, we're already on the edge of the woods here. You guys were just going to get guns out of there."
"Well, I guess we're all set then."

The three policemen went to open the car and saw from outside, this is where the artifacts they were looking for are stored! Only there was no sign of the crooks.
"Break it open, Schaller!"
"But what for? I still have the key from yesterday."
Schaller opened the car and a cloud of fragrance poured out. Intense dense resin dissolved into the air, it smelled full-bodied resinous, thick and brittle woody. Floral here and there, too. "Oh here I forgot the bouquet of roses for Vroni!"
"I like rose like that though; nicely covered by the woody smoky amber!" said Wensker.
"Ok, so we've got the stolen loot already, where are the gangsters?"
"Maybe still in the woods? It escalated pretty much yesterday, we still met Cravszek the street musician, made a bonfire and caroused until we both had to come to work."
"Off to the woods then!"

Soon discovered here the first olfactory trace, this woody amber scent slowly appeared animalic leathery, while also accompanied by a variety of resinous notes. Intense dark, non-sacral incense, almost austere, was the protagonist. It mixed in the myrrh with its balsamic-spicy notes and also benzoin was perceptible through sometimes protruding creamy moments.
"Oh, look! Family beaver rubbing against branches! Cute!"
"Wait, aren't those branches more amber artifacts?"
"Probably true, that's why it smells woody-animal now."
"Mr. Wensker, there in the tall grass lie those two and Cravszek, the village drunkard!"
"Arrest them!"

Hours later at the station:
"Men, well done! Those two are under lock and key, what else smells so darkly spicy, slightly dry and resinous? As if amber had enclosed a rose, and as if other resins were smoking away?"
"Oh that, I wrapped up one of those artifacts, have been so many."
Meanwhile, Cravszek awoke in the forest, "Schaller? Duo of crooks? Where is everybody? What are those beavers doing to my feet? Aaaaaahhhh, helpeeeee!"
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