Boston Ivy 2011

Boston Ivy by D.S. & Durga
Bottle Design Kavi Moltz
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7.4 / 10 43 Ratings
Boston Ivy is a perfume by D.S. & Durga for men and was released in 2011. The scent is green-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
Green pepperGreen pepper Hop blossomHop blossom LimeLime
Heart Notes Heart Notes
IvyIvy CloverClover Marine notesMarine notes
Base Notes Base Notes
GalbanumGalbanum OakmossOakmoss SoilSoil


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6.534 Ratings
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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 08.02.2022.
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My Kind of Ivy
From D S & Durga Sniff Fest:

Wow! If ivy really smelled this good, I wouldn't have cut my calculus classes in those ivy covered buildings in favor of painting the Ohio countryside when I was a teenager. What a fragrance! It utterly seduces the nose, not a single note going wrong. I could smell this forever. It makes me want to stop the sniff-fest and put it all over me. It's a male scent, but no way I'm giving up this dream of a fragrance just because I'm a woman. You guys just have to share. I don't even want to analyze it, just smell! THIS is perfume! THIS is the reason I'm an addict--why I scour reviews, roam perfume counters and haul samples in, why I sometimes do blind buys if the notes beckon. Not sure I would have tried this if I'd read them first instead of smelled. Soil in the base? Hop blossom in the top? Okay, freshness comes from lime and green pepper also in the top. Oakmoss and Galbanum are in the base, too ... okay, wait, forgot what Galbanum smells like, grabbing perfumery kit; oh, it's the beautiful green. As for the middle: ivy, clover and marine notes. These folks are geniuses!

Guys, listen up. When I was young and [content censored by hubby's hmmm], if a guy entered the room wearing this, my nose would have followed him all night, if necessary. Good grief, can't believe I wrote that. See what this fragrance is doing to me? ... Love, love!
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