Tendre Poison 1994 Eau de Toilette

Tendre Poison (Eau de Toilette) by Dior
Bottle Design Veronique Monod
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Tendre Poison (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Dior for women and was released in 1994. The scent is floral-green. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Tendre Poison..Dad..and I
I inherited my great passion for fragrances from my great daddy.
We both always looked forward to Saturday in particular. That was our perfumery in the morning We could spend hours there, testing, smelling, talking shop and having the most fun.
I still remember very well how I made the acquaintance with Tendre Poison on this late summer day.
After about 3 hours (yeah..we were tough..hihi) and 2 new scents for me I urgently needed fresh air But my dad didn't have enough. So I waited in the car
When he finally came and I was about to leave, he said "Wait, I have something for you" Then he pulled a green/black/golden package out of his pocket... "I give you that today my girl".
I read "Tendre Poison" by Dior Okay, I already knew the "normal" poison, which was exactly my prey scheme
I asked: Do you know the scent?
My father's answer was: Nah, but I liked the packaging so much!!
No shit!!!
Now of course I had to test the scent immediately in the car.
First of all: I love fruity, powdery, gourmet...

So...cardboard on..Wow..what a beautiful bottle. Then very carefully the first spray I can't remember what twisted my mind at first. The eyes? Or was it the stomach???
I just smelled grass ...green. ..grass. My nose and eyes started itching Help...I was leaving.
But I loved my dad way too much to let him notice me and I just said...Hhmm..not bad...he might need some more time
So we drove home.
But MOMENT times...what's happening right now?
Suddenly there was something creamy, light, powdery, fruity!!! 2 hours later, my dad was my perfume god.

It is still one of the best fragrances I have ever possessed and above all one of the most wonderful memories of my dad, who unfortunately died much too early
Thanks Daddy!! I hug you on your scent. I love you
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Elegant flower robe, which unfortunately is no longer
The Poison family from the house of Dior has been expanded by several members in recent years. Some members have also already said goodbye again.
But there were times when the Poison family consisted of only 2 members. The original Poison from 1985 and the tender poison from 1994.
Most of the scents from the poisonous collection are now also known to me, except for this delicate poison, which I had never encountered before. Why, I can't really say exactly.
So this had to be made up for urgently. And Tendre Poison impressed me so much that I would like to write a few sentences about it.

Tendre Poison has unfortunately disappeared from the market for a long time and now, after having dealt extensively with the fragrance, I join the majority of the previous speakers and say:
It was wrongfully removed! Created in 1994 by Edouard Fléchier, from whose hand some very popular fragrances originate, Davidoff (1984) by Davidoff, Havana (also 1994) by Aramis and last but not least the grandiose Poison of 1985, a milestone from the house of Dior and an unparalleled opulence cracker.
It goes without saying that they have tried to repeat the success of Poison. And what could be more obvious than to launch another fragrance under the name Poison.

My impression of this wonderful fragrance is that of an emerald-green, opulent bouquet of flowers, which with its radiance can effortlessly outshine today's floral fragrances.

A comparison with Cabotine cannot be denied. There are great similarities. But Tendre Poison appears in some points much more orderly and rounded.
I would like to compare it with two sisters who are very different in some character traits.
Cabotine, the older of the two, is loud, brazen, biting, loves it brightly coloured and is almost a little vulgar in her rough and extroverted way and still hasn't really let off steam.
Tendre Poison, the younger one, has reduced her volume a bit, but she likes to be expressive as well, and although she is younger, she appears more subtle, elegant and mature. She knows about her effect without showing off her attributes too much.

Already the first spray indicates an abundance of flowers, it is difficult to recognize individual notes clearly, everything is so excellently connected, but the tuberose, also not exactly one of the most discreet flowers, plays itself into the foreground and I think I can also recognize rose a little bit. A clear sweetness through honey accompanies the fragrance and it remains flowery-sweet throughout the whole process. Nevertheless, it is not such an extremely sugary sweetness as it is often found in many modern fragrances.
In the further course I perceive a fine sandalwood note, which gives the fragrance some depth, musk gives an attractive physicality.
A beautiful green note hovers over the whole fragrance, which does not really give a fresh impression, but makes the whole thing appear lighter and is by no means as garishly painted over as in the older sister Cabotine.

However, as with all members of the Poison family, caution is advised with the dosage. The fragrance can unfold its toxic effect quite quickly and "poison" the environment.

As far as durability is concerned, even some modern fragrances can cut a thick slice. Tendre Poison can be used for 12 hours and even with a low dosage, it spreads a good scent. So I see the fragrance more in the evening and on festive occasions.
The flacons are always a feast for the eyes at the Poisons, the newer roundish flacons are also very nice to look at, but I don't give a rating at the Tendre Poison because I didn't hold the flacon in my hands. But it would get a high mark.

In my opinion, Tendre Poison is a beautiful fragrance that has been wrongly removed from the market. But fragrances come and go and some have only survived a short season.
And if fragrances are not big sellers, which I actually suspect at Tendre Poison, then they proceed rigorously. And as so often, when a fragrance has disappeared from the market, one thinks about it again sometime and realizes "oh how nice it would be if I could have it again, it was wonderful after all".
That shows up also with the meanwhile into the astronomical risen prices with well-known on-line auction houses
My great thanks go to Cleopatra, who kindly made it possible for me to get to know Tendre Poison!
Tendre Poison is in my eyes or rather in my nose vastly superior to her older sister and not only because Dior is on it.
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geh´durch´s green longing country ........................................................................................
i wonder again - if it makes sense to write a comment on a perfume that has been taken off the market and that potential buyers can hardly get their hands on.
But what soll´s ..... I must get rid of it now!... :)

It is a perfume - of course - of older provenance - but this fact - after repeated sniffing - makes me forget the quarter of a century it has on its rounded hump, because of the truly pleasant feeling it gives.
And might as well be a green scent of today's taste.

The daily ways I go lead me and my dog now in summer again and again over lush green meadows, past wonderful gardens, through big shady city parks and through light forests.
You can literally grasp this wonderful nature, breathe it into you. When everything around you is truly in the prime of its life - or at the zenith of its beauty - -
The green summer foliage presents itself in all its shades - -
the full inflorescences of summer want to present themselves competitively vain in gardens.
During one of these walks I wore Tendre Poison.
Either nature reinforces and completes the sensation of the perfume or my "delicate poison" intensifies the perception of nature -
For I walked through a green land of longing - -

While in the beginning I am still overwhelmed by the flowers from the gardens bordering the meadow - the green of the nearby forest becomes more and more obvious - -

A gentle wind gently sweeps through the dense canopy of leaves above me, making the rays of the sun dance along the forest path .....
the green-cool air breeze floats around again and again slightly sweetish-flowery swaths -
Along the forest path, which is mainly shaded by beech trees, a small stream flows and accompanies us with its splashing on our way. Weaves a hint of aquatic freshness into the flowery green mood.

The feeling of fresh green purity in a still cool morning flower garden with its nuanced floral opulence would be an adequate interpretation of this beautiful old creation.

And it was only in this small area on the edge of the forest, through which we roamed, that I really became aware of the associations that the delicate green-floral scent carries within it.
If it is a poison, then a pleasurable one - like a good wine, for instance, from whose pleasure one can also get into this easily floating step - -

It's hard for me to tell which sex would suit him best. - For me it is despite official recommendation for the rather female species among us - a perfume to be worn unisex -, which has a reserved Sillage, but a good medium durability.

A green-determined flowery, almost distinguished clean scent with a minimal soap-fresh note, which not only attracts the flying admirers of nature .......... :))
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More tender than the police allow
"Tendre Poison" is very different from its sister poisons. The Poison family is always recognizable, loudly and uniquely, somewhat prollig but absolutely cult. Love or hate. But "Tendre Poison" is a darling, a dear girl, a sensitive green body, who probably danced out of line in such a way that he wasn't allowed to stay on the shelves of the world for long... a shame! Perhaps it should never have been marketed as Poison, rather as a completely new Dior. But even less should this green emerald have been set. Dior was rarely more wrong!

Tuberose, soft as butter. Green, soft as an elf skirt. Honey, as elegant as the wet dream of a queen bee. "Tendre Poison" is a noble evergreen that you really miss in today's ladies. Women who still have it on their shelves today and wear it have me. There's nothing to think about. Better taste can hardly be proven. Poison, it fits like a glove and you like to be sent to the afterlife by it. A little death in green and feminine. Never too sweet, never too pushy. All the other Poisons can cut off two of them, were probably always jealous. "Tendre Poison" doesn't have to scream, one look or breath is enough and you know - the woman is a keeper. Gossamer. Lady in the Streets. Sympathetic, with a big heart and always a smile on your face. With dimples and a sense of all the beautiful things in life. A blessing, still and forever. Can laugh at himself and help anyone who needs it. Even if only with her smile. Priceless today. But for any woman with taste, she was. Like a cool summer morning. Easy to enjoy, easy, uncomplicated. And yet rich and beautiful. Flowers hardly work better. Balance ensnares naturalness. Bridesmaid dream. Untouched and beautiful in every pore. Discreet and stylish.

Flacon: a green apple, chic and not toxic at all
Sillage: rather gentle. Especially compared to his sisters.
Shelf life: no complaint - 7 hours

Conclusion: the most pleasant poison of all time. Goes down like oil. "Tendre Poison" is delicate, green, lovely. A sister who truly mourns the man's loss. None for one night. It's for a life. Marriage material, no doubt about it
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A green heart's desire
I sat in the waiting room of the physiotherapy and leafed bored through a magazine. I was maybe 10 years old. I discovered a sample of Tendre Poison on a slightly thicker page. One of these with a peelable aluminium foil, behind which a cellulose-like piece soaked in perfume was hiding something.
I kind of liked it But especially my grandmother liked it, because of whom I was sitting in the waiting room at all.
She was completely blown away, if I'm honest Not a week later, there was a little green bottle in her bathroom. Expensive for the taste of my grandmother, who has never spent so much on a fragrance since then. This speaks more than anything for the magical, fascinating aura that this fragrance exuded for her.

Today there are many different variations of Dior's Poison. None of them has ever reached Tendre. I am now 30 years old and have been looking for an affordable bottle to give my grandma the pleasure of this unique aroma once again.
More than 100€ for 30ml may be justified, because the production of this one special Posion has been stopped in the meantime, but this gift and my grandmother's heart's desire to own Tendre Poison once again remains unattainable for me. Not to mention the fact that you can't know whether a fragrance that has become so old hasn't long since been discarded, once you buy it privately.

I can remember that smell from that day was my grandmother's. She always smelled of it. To me it was the smell of security, care and a warm home. Do you know it? Do you remember less of a certain situation than of a smell a person has? You associate this scent with experiences or a period of your life - I associate Tendre Poison with my visits to my grandparents and the special, heartfelt and loving atmosphere, which will never be the same again.
This scent will not change that either, but it awakens memories, feelings.
I was carefree, free and my problems were kids' stuff. I lay on meadows in the sun, played with friends in the mud and from the balcony my grandmother waved to us.
I've never known a bigger heart
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