L'Eau Trois 1975

L'Eau Trois by Diptyque
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L'Eau Trois is a popular perfume by Diptyque for women and men and was released in 1975. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital. Pronunciation
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FrankincenseFrankincense MyrrhMyrrh CistusCistus RosemaryRosemary


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Diptyque / L'Eau Trois
L'Eau Trois is a typical unisex wood and spice representative. L'Eau Trois (Third Water) was launched in 1975 and is unique to this day - its full face. Personally, I think it's Diptyque's best work. Top notes are rosemary and myrtle; middle notes are spices, myrrh and caraway; base notes are kyara incense (olibanum), pine tree and myrrh. Greenery, conifers, lots of spices and once again green with incense. Very good durability and just in time for forest idols, fairies and lost in forest, smoky spacetime. I recommend
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"Yes, why not? "
I asked myself this question very often in the course of my perfume searchtel career. Starting with the purchase of Chanel No. 5 with sweet fast-19, over Lady Million at a time when I used to bathe regularly in patchouli, up to hopelessly dusty classics and some strange niche scents which I found here about perfumo. The latter category also includes L'eau Trois.

Published in the deepest seventies, this fragrance outshines many an indie-underground-knows-no-pig-should-be-please-carrie-scent-composition.

I don't know how old my little probie is and also not if they reformulated here, but the prelude was a little creepy. They say tilted scents can smell like Maghi. I'm afraid that's exactly what you have here. For lack of comparison, of course, I don't know if that's the way it should be. But just hold your breath and then it's over and on we go, right through the herb garden. Everything we read is not blinded by the head and heart notes, really like in the garden. Laurel, however, stands out quite well throughout the course. Foody never becomes the whole thing, even though the fragrance pyramid sounds a bit like a pizza spice mixture. Only because Labdanum makes the fragrance softer, you don't have to wait.

After an hour it gets really wonderful. The herb garden is joined by beautifully scratchy smoky notes. A lot of incense and something woody behind the scenes. That way it stays that way for many hours. Only towards the end do I smell a little Labdanum out, like a conciliatory final chord.

The association I can think of: Noise music in spring.
What's the matter with you? The fragrance is so bulky and scratchy, but of peculiar beauty. And he's got something so alive, so sunny. This must be the herb garden. I always associate green and herbal fragrances with spring.

Laurel and dirty frankincense are the most popular things to enjoy L'eau Trois.

For me, there's no reason here why not. Many thanks to the test donor. I'm really excited
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CymCym 6 years ago
Evocative, potent ancient resins & herbs. Takes you back a few thousand years. I could swear there is some fenugreek in there (not in notes)
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