L'Homme Sage 2005

L'Homme Sage by Divine
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7.8 / 10 202 Ratings
A popular perfume by Divine for men, released in 2005. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
CardamomCardamom SaffronSaffron LycheeLychee Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
Precious woodsPrecious woods BalsamBalsam ImmortelleImmortelle PatchouliPatchouli
Base Notes Base Notes
AmberAmber OakmossOakmoss FrankincenseFrankincense


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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 09.04.2024.

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That's a men's scent?
The first thing you can notice is a fresh, intense, sweet and fruity note, which is pleasantly tangy, thanks to the mandarin and lychee.

These two notes are accompanied by a warming aromatic note, which has fine peppery, quite carnation-like attributes and comes from the mace in combination with the cardamom.

In the background, the top note is rounded off by a striking leather-like shade.

This constellation is perceptible on my skin for 20 minutes before the heart note unfolds.

Now a very strong sweetish rosy note is to be noticed, which carries a light smokiness with itself, which comes from the Guajakholz and lets the smell appear on my skin extremely female, even nuttig.

At the same time, the guaiac wood is supported by a sweetish - earthy note, which increases the female aura many times over and is due to the patchouli.

In the background a soft wooden nuance is perceptible, which gives the fragrance a pleasant softness and comes from cedar wood.

The sand - straw flower and the fir balsam I could unfortunately not perceive, because in my opinion guaiac wood was used much too high dosed and the other notes partly too strongly covers and I classify this fragrance in no case as men's fragrance
The heart note is perceptible on my skin for 4 hours before the base asserts itself.

The base is pleasantly clear, light and mossy with hints of oak moss.

At the same time, the oak moss is discreetly underlined with resin, which ensures that the base is given something soothing and that the incense is to thank for it.

These two notes are enveloped by the fine, warming, balsamic blossom honey-like scented nuance of Labdanum and allow the fragrance to finish pleasantly.

Unfortunately I couldn't see Styrax, but I can imagine very well that it was used for support.

L'Homme Sage is a pleasant companion in the spring, autumn and winter months for the younger man up to 30 who is looking for a sweet, fruity, aromatic, flowery, woody, mossy, resinous and balsamic fragrance and is ready to underline his feminine side with a fragrance.

In total, the fragrance lasts 7 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is perceived clearly at one arm's length and this is also maintained 3 hours in such a way, before it reduces itself in quiet steps, until the smell finally completely fades away
I would like to express my sincere thanks to our perfume "Zirkeltanz" for the rehearsal.

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Divine wisdom
L'Homme Sage is the third fragrance I’ve tried from the Divine line and I’m sensing a trend. Once on the skin Divine fragrances develop over a long period and blossom into something that can be quite different from the opening. If you prefer fragrances that provide a consistent scent from beginning to end -and this is not meant as a style or value judgement- then you may not care for the time it takes a Divine fragrance to mature.

As Apicius writes in his excellent review (below), L’Homme Sage doesn’t possess typical top notes, “...only very discreet citruses and fruits...”. I perceive the opening more as a blend of saffron, cardamom, mace (nutmeg) and mandarin. Needless to say, it’s a unique opening.

Sage seems to be the perfect name for this fragrance. Keep in mind that this is “sage” defined as wisdom. The definition of sage also implies wisdom gained through age and experience. Once past its opening stages, L’Homme Sage somehow embodies those qualities as well: it’s quiet, calm and harmonious without sacrificing projection, affect or modernity. For me, these qualities bring to mind the paintings of Mark Rothko and the music of John Taverner. Rothko’s paintings often appear to be simple duets of two colors. Yet each color is full of subtle variations of shade and hue. Taverner’s music is a combination of old and new. He uses elements of Gregorian chant blended with contemporary harmony and understated dissonance to compose music that is at once comforting yet modern and engaging.

What Yann Vasnier, the creator of L’Homme Sage, shares with these artists is that he has created a fragrance that is comforting and serene without being monochromatic and monotonous. There’s an underlying counterpoint of notes, lushness and modernity. Even though I keep using or hinting at the word “subtle”, L’Homme Sage projects well and keeps your interest -or, more accurately, keeps your nose to your wrist- as it proceeds through its development.

In another allusion to subtlety, you don’t necessarily smell notes in isolation in L’Homme Sage. Rather you sense their place within the whole. You tune your nose to mace and there’s a sense of nutmeg. Retune your nose to mandarin and you get just a hint of its tart peel. Cedar? There it is wafting an aromatic driftwood accord. I could on and on and on...

If I had to try to describe L’Homme Sage in an overall sense I’d write about the vanilla essence of the storax being tempered by the warmer notes of mace, cardamom, saffron, all of which are held together by just a breath of cedar and patchouli. As I look back at that description I realize that’s not quite it. Think of any one of those notes too literally or out of context and you’ve missed what L’Homme Sage is all about.

Once again, in deference to Apicius's excellent review, “What makes it so special is that its character is so hard to define!”

222 Reviews
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A Black and White Fragrance
Divine's L'Homme Sage is my preferred winter perfume. I have been wearing it a lot when the weather was ugly and cold, sometimes daily. It is simply – divine!

L'Homme Sage is a rather warm and smoky fragrance with only very discreet citruses and fruits in the top notes. What makes it so special is that its character is so hard to define! During its development, it is somehow changing all the time. Sometimes, I get a lucid white, almost metallic appeal which lets me think about empty winter landscapes covered in frost and snow. Then again, this fragrance presents itself deep dark and smoky – reminding you of the warm and cosy side of winter at home. On skin, the darker notes will be stronger towards the end of the development. But if you wear it on clothes, the brighter aspects will prevail. This is why I call it my black and white fragrance. Due to its inner broad variation, L'Homme Sage never gets boring, and it is also a perfect choice if you cannot make up your mind to what fragrance or scent direction you might feel inclined to at the moment.

Commenting on the single notes of this smoky fragrance does not make too much sense. Divine has a very skilled perfumer – their fragrances are all unique and have their own elegant character, and they are considerably more than what any enumeration of scent notes could explain.

L'Homme Sage and the other Divines are usually bought best online at Divine. If you find them in the shops at all, then they are usually more expensive. You can get these outstandingly well crafted perfumes in various sizes, starting with 70 € plus shipping for a 50 ml splash bottle. Personally, I prefer the elegant spray flacon. Divine offers a nice sample coffret for small money which I highly recommend. They are located in Dinard, Brittany, not Grasse. This may be a bit off the beaten track, but nevertheless, Divine is French perfumery at its best, together with Guerlain, Micallef and Lubin.

By the way, I have seen some reviews by native English speakers wondering where the sage note is. Well, L'Homme Sage is French, it means 'The Wise Man', and not 'The Sage Man'!

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Rich but discretely so...
L'Homme Sage opens in a surprising fashion with a very intense, rich, warm powdery blast of saffron and, to a lesser extent, licorice. Quite a shock — unexpected but enjoyable! Citrus and milder fruit notes take the second role in the top notes.

After a couple of exhuberant minutes, the fragrance's warmth continues to develop. But it's definitely a different kind of warmth: less fiery/spicy, more subdued and enveloping. Smoky incense notes are the first to join in and gradually start to dominate the saffron, of which only a discrete spicy trail remains. The progression then continues at a slower but definite pace, and L'Homme Sage starts to glow with warm amber and patchouli, leading us to a discrete but gorgeous woody-ambery drydown. An unusual, compelling, rich, warm scent.

The Sage, it is said, is quiet, serene, and does not boast of his riches. And so is this fragrance. Wear it when in search of peace and quietness. It will warm your spirits and stay close to your skin.
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