Le Parfum 2011 Eau de Parfum

19.09.2023 - 05:57 AM

Can’t get over it!

I live in a humid environment. Scent changes effects as you go through the day. And that is only a plus point for this god sent fragrance!

I was in the store to purchase crystal noir and the attendant wanted me to try “the girl of now” on which they had some discount. I have never tried elie saab fragrances before and I wasn’t much impressed with the girl of now. However I randomly picked up this one and you wouldn’t believe how quickly I bought the bottle.

This perfume it on the sweeter side which is never over powering. It’s a clean, feminine scent which just feels richer in its essence if you know what I mean. It’s so subtle if you’re clever with it and the scent trail it leaves is heavenly. I love wearing it on my neck because it keeps my spirits high about my own self.

Oh and it turns better when it’s hot outside. This is my most complimented perfume till date. I pair it with a rose scented body lotion and for the whole day I’m on cloud 9. It’s also not a common fragrance in my country so I absolutely adore it! I have worn it on important occasions throughout the year. Already on my 3rd bottle ️