04.03.2020 - 02:28 PM

A rotting lily soaked in warm vanilla

So I tried this Charogne, attracted by some other reviews that I found in certain websites.
With a lily resembling that one from the good old Lily & Spice, as they stated, why not to give it a try?
The result here is quite different, though. The opening has a strong vanilla (or what is seems to be a vanilla key accord-like scent), that leaves almost immediatelly, or better: it dissolves but stays there, like a humid and warm steam, embracing the next, pungent and gentle at the same time hyraceum (this is what I can detect and recognize most, or at least is seems to be so to my nose); the whole fragrance stays this way for a long time on my skin, static but pulsating and fragrant; hence a "charogne", right?
The pleasant vanillic smell returns and dominates the formula, this time with a less sickening nuance: it becomes pretty pleasant, as if that vanilla was a gourmand wannabe (yeah, that's weird), if you imagine it;
it touches the gourmand boundary without thinking of going beyond that, like a cloud of dusty dark sugar.
The name itself shouldn't be alarming on its own, but I can see where the brand wanted to go with this.

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