White Shoulders 1943 Eau de Cologne

White Shoulders (Eau de Cologne) by Evyan
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White Shoulders (Eau de Cologne) is a perfume by Evyan for women and was released in 1943. The scent is floral-fruity. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Top Notes Top Notes
AldehydesAldehydes BergamotBergamot Leaf greenLeaf green NeroliNeroli PeachPeach
Heart Notes Heart Notes
JasmineJasmine CarnationCarnation TuberoseTuberose IrisIris LilacLilac Lily of the valleyLily of the valley RoseRose
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk AmbergrisAmbergris BenzoinBenzoin CivetCivet MossMoss SandalwoodSandalwood
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Heady White Floral
I used to hate this perfume because years ago women used to bathe in it. Any perfume that is used in excess becomes sharp and cloying. I suspect that after the initial dry down women couldn't smell it on themselves and would overcompensate by spraying too much to begin with or reapplying when they really didn't need to. The result when you got several people together wearing it was nauseating. It seemed when I was growing up that I couldn't get away from this scent and a few others, like the synthetic mess Evening in Paris. They were EVERYWHERE. Finally, by my teens, women started expanding their repertoire. Then Giorgio came on the scene and suddenly that scent was over worn everywhere for years too. Fortunately, that time and perfume passed also.

Fast forward several decades later and I'm suddenly having a love affair with white florals, in particular, tuberose and to a lesser degree, orange blossom. With my newfound love of white florals, I decided to explore scents of the past I once dismissed or avoided. I purchased a vintage Evyan Cologne and a Parfums International version of the same scent in eau de parfum. The top notes are gone on both, but to my nose the heart and base notes are the same. Both are still huge white floral fragrance, primarily tuberose, gardenia, and orange blossom, blended well with a little spice. The scent, in moderation, is romantic, charming, and Über feminine. I did a side by side of both versions and found little difference between the two, though the Parfums International version is a little soapier and has considerably better silage and longevity than the Evyan cologne version, which is to be expected for an edp. That’s not much of a consolation though, because after the initial opening blast of florals, silage and longevity quickly become pretty poor for this scent in either concentration. Seeing how poorly this performs gave me a better understanding of why some women got carried away with misuse. Still, when used appropriately in moderation, it is a beautiful scent. While still not a love for me because of past negative experiences, I can now appreciate it for the work of art that it clearly is.

To be avoided is the latest Elizabeth Arden version. It barely resembles the Evyan or Parfums International versions.
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