Fendi 1987 Eau de Toilette

Fendi (Eau de Toilette) by Fendi
Bottle Design Catherine Krunas, Pierre Dinand
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8.3 / 10 206 Ratings
Fendi (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Fendi for women and was released in 1987. The scent is spicy-chypreartig. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CorianderCoriander AldehydesAldehydes BergamotBergamot CardamomCardamom Mandarin orangeMandarin orange RosewoodRosewood LemonLemon
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CarnationCarnation GeraniumGeranium RoseRose CypressCypress Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang JasmineJasmine Lily of the valleyLily of the valley
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AmberAmber SpicesSpices LeatherLeather MuskMusk SandalwoodSandalwood CedarCedar OakmossOakmoss PatchouliPatchouli Tonka beanTonka bean VanillaVanilla


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8 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 24  
five sisters, Karl Lagerfeld and the "Fontana di Trevi"
Floramalia's nice answer to my comment on Valentino's "Donna" gave me the idea to also remember "Fendi" Eau de Toilette.
I thank her for this impulse: "Fendi" I did not have at the moment at all on the note.
Yet it is a way to remember Karl Lagerfeld without going into his scents specifically.
I have already paid homage to these faithful companions of my former life in another place.

The five sisters Fendi came during the year 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld and his "KL" into my world.
I had to possess this smell absolutely.
Even if my friend at that time would have preferred to give something more "useful", e.g. a kitchen machine, etc., away. He had just brought the 125 ml plastic bottle "Opium" with him a few months earlier.
The person Karl Lagerfeld made me curious and so the Fendi sisters appeared on the plan and stayed there until today.
My first lighter of an "international" brand was a Fendi: narrow and elegant and always in repair!

Probably nobody could overlook the big show on the occasion of the presentation of the autumn/winter collection 2017 of the house Fendi-Lagerfeld.
After years of restoration work, the Fontana di Trevi was finally reopened in the fountain basin.
Models and models presented themselves on glass catwalks; a typical "Lagerfeld event" in which everything fitted right down to the last spark of light.
Through this and through 2.4 million dollars "restoration grant", the house Fendi showed its attachment to Rome since then 90 years.
One must have some ideas: the "Fontana di Trevi" is one of the original three exits of the aqueduct "Aqua Virgo", which brought the water directly from the Sabine Mountains into the city.
A fountain was built at each of these exits; probably none as massive and famous as this bubbling "show wall" in Piazza di Trevi.
Not only the water is bubbling, Bernini's baroque work of art also foams and gurgles: the enormous marble construction seems to vibrate and float with liveliness.
To what extent the rather small square in front of it reinforces this impression, I don't know: I too was speechless in front of it again and again.
And of course I also followed the motto: "Three coins in the fountain". I threw them over my shoulder and they were supposed to get me back to Rome.

The death of the man whose capricious and sharp-tongued nature fascinated me for decades, and the first show after this incision, especially with Fendi, takes me deep into my fragrance past.
(Finally! may some of you think now.)

After the two early Lagerfeld fragrances accompanied me for some years, it had to be the eau de toilette of "Fendi".
It was hardly on the market when I already had it and also cornered it in my circle of friends and acquaintances: Oak moss and leather - how could I use "flower child" this combination?
Naturally offended, I didn't listen until one day a supervisor asked me directly not to wear this scent in the office anymore: I was shocked, offended - it was very embarrassing!
Never again did I experience something like this!
"Fendi" was reserved for free time (after all, I couldn't admit that things didn't go too well with both of us.)

Fendi" corresponded to its time; it was fruity, flowery, woody and very tempting!
Maybe this scent carried a bit too much of everything in it; but at that time not everything?
shimmered Even in fashion, the "gemstone" tones were commonplace: sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green - all set in scene with large shoulder pads - why should "Fendi" Eau de Toilette put back?

The radiant aldehydes immediately underlined the fruity freshness of the citrus scents, which were spiced with coriander and cardamom interesting and powerful.
However, this combination suffocated the elegant delicacy of rosewood: rosewood scent is as quiet as it is noble!
At that time, it was impossible to do without white flowering plants at all: the two, actually quite delicate flowers of lily of the valley and jasmine were also found in this fragrance composition.
But their scent after dark is all the more breathtaking.
The light spiciness of the carnation skilfully corresponds to that of the rose geranium; they represent an antipole to the white power of fragrance.
Rose and Ylang-Ylang conquer their territory, which is guarded by cypress trees.
I remember that I already liked the picture of a rich flowering garden surrounded by slender cypresses.
(This also emerges from the notes I made the other day - miracle after miracle! - in a drawer. Who would have thought that I would fall back on it so quickly.)
Leather and oak moss, in their individual scent strength, it was probably the dainty little woman who became my undoing.
They are very strong here - extend your elbows; spices (pepper, clove and nutmeg?) reinforce these aromas even more.
Tonka bean and vanilla are grinding off this almost masculine scent explosion; "Fendi" becomes softer, brighter and much more feminine.
Golden amber and patchouulin notes support this impression even further; at the same time they open the door to impressive sensuality - sandalwood and musk now appear, generously dosed, too!
It is a true scent firework that presents itself and that tames the silver spiciness of the cedar wood a little.

"Fendi", even as Eau de Toilette, fits perfectly into a time when opulence reigned, even in television series like "Dallas" and "Denver Clan"; just think of the clothes that were commonplace there.
Or to the bright blue evening gown of "Lady Di": it would have fitted very well to the shining "Fendi" fragrance!
"Fendi" was a brilliant spicy chypre scent, a phenomenon of the time, which was ended by the then beginning "unisex movement".
All of a sudden glamour and glamour, opulence and sensuality disappeared. The Italian women of the fragrance world, who had just been sparkling, were often placed in the corner.

But you couldn't leave "Fendi" so quickly: Sillage and durability were too fragrant, too powerful! One spray and the day was saved! Also in the evening this fragrance creation did not show any weakness: it changed a little, but according to my memory it did not tolerate very well when sprayed on.
Then there was quite a chaos: the originally so carefully interwoven scents tumbled into each other without a trace!

The Fendi House will live on for some time even without Karl Lagerfeld; this scented work of art from the late nineties did not survive its era.
If I'm honest, I don't mourn him.
Even if I didn't want to admit it: we didn't fit together at that time and only my defiance let us spend some time together.
I remember selling the rest of Fendi, too. Surely to a woman to whom this fragrance would fit better. Hopefully both had a lot of fun together!
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47 Reviews
Very helpful Review 19  
Gone too soon
My dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and the premature death of a work of art that is sorely missed. Fendi Fendi, according to databases, was first launched in 1985. I only met her just last year when my quest for vintage fragrances began to soar. At first sniff, my eyes watered. Fendi, for me, carries the feel of L' Heure Bleu but sways in the opposite direction. Where L'Heure Bleu is subtle and unobtrusive, Fendi is prominent with a hot chip on her shoulder.

An initial blast of spice leads to soft, aromatic florals.

Warm spices envelop the sweetest flowers. Ylang is captivating as it mingles with Jasmine and Patchouli making this a deep, rich and irresistible. If carefully applied, Fendi can be as soft as corn silk yet powerfully rich and deep enough to make your knees buckle. Woodsy notes and amber bring us to a dramatic finish that reeks luxury and sex appeal.

Fendi can be described as breathtaking and heartbreaking. There are no equals. None.

She and I don't have a long history together but I do cherish my new friend. Just as a departed loved one remains in our hearts forever, I am hoping that Fendi will remain in my collection forever.
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One of my favorite scents
Ever since Fendi came on the market, it has been in my heart.
This fragrance is not comparable to any other (except near the Fendi Asja)
A bit strict but lovely.
I take Fendi only on special occasions, for me he is uniquely noble.
I was often approached in the years of love that I sniff well.
Unfortunately it's hard to get, so I sit like a big spider on my treasure.
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24 Reviews
Helpful Review 6  
A real Fan...
I have never encountered this elusive beauty before. Its oddly familiar. Perhaps that because I have used Fendi Uomo for years and they have some common elements. Perhaps it the leather.

It pushes the limits on its catagory. It has too many spices to be a chypre, not enough flowers to be a floriental and changes dramatically over the hours to be an oriental. The LEATHER is big. The rose is blatant. The oakmoss and sandalwood shine. Its epic construction is the stuff of legends. It is refined elegance that is mostly formal winter wear. Perfectly matched with a leather suit and rich furs. Dont forget your hat and viel. Oh yes, red nails and lipstick are required.

By todays standards, Fendi has become unisex. Much like the mens leathery rose standards of the late 80s-Actuer, Zino, Perry Ellis, Tenere and of course Fendi Uomo( I think the big difference is some coumarin), this has similar character. Its somewhat on the delicate side for the men at first, but watch out. Leather and rose is the ultimate pairing for dark passionate romance. Fendi defined this effortlessly.

She is gentle, soft and comfortable. She is also very skilled in the art of wanton seduction. She has more notes than anything on the market today and they hold many secrets. Too many sprays and she could wear you. Like many 80s fare of the day, she requires a certain attitude and a skilled trigger finger.

It not old fashioned by any means. Today its more avant gard than ever. Due to its discontinuation, it is now more precious than any niche house. The original Fendi line from 1985-2000 is now legendary and required in all serious collections.

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213 Reviews
Helpful Review 5  
Heavily Spiced And Intoxicating, Buyer Beware
Another cult classic that must be tried in all types of weather, but certainly the colder weather brings out the best of it. There is such an intermingling of sweet and sour spices for me with this perfume. As the weather cools, it seems to be working better and better on my skin.
The last time I tried Fendi, the weather was cold outside, near freezing. Now it began working its magic for me. I began imaging a cauldron boiling somewhere deep in the woods, in a squat mythical house, one built of boards slapped together, with a chimney spewing forth smoke. The house had small flattened stones leading to it, as if a prepared walkway had been readied. It was surrounded by gnarled, overgrown trees, mosses of all kinds, moist lichen growing at the bases. The air is damp and cool. Looking at this house, one wonders at the occupants. Inside, a cauldron is boiling a mix of spices. Heavy spices you can't help but inhale as they assault you when you walk in the open door. It's a paradox of evil and good in that cauldron and you know this. You knew that when you walked into the little house. One moment you're in a cool clean damp environment in the forest, the next you're hit with these spicy, heavy odors that frankly, make one wonder what's in the pot. They make you swoon. And you wonder who is in charge of this cauldron.
Spices, leather, patchouli and mosses all take charge together in this perfume to make you see another side of yourself. This is a scent for languishing in oneself, for being assertive, knowing who you are and enjoying that person. It is a strong perfume that should come with a hang tag reading "Heavily Spiced and Intoxicating, Buyer Beware".
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