Arielle by Fragonard
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Arielle is a perfume by Fragonard for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fruity-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Arielle, graceful member of the family of air spirits, invites me for a walk through the fragrant alleys of Grasse.
Charmingly chatting she strolls next to me, elegantly using the small lace parasol.
We are accompanied by a multitude of scent spirits of various shapes.
They are all at home in this city of fragrances; you can tell by looking at them: they carry its lightness with them!

The lady bergamot immediately stands out; she leads the round of her companions fresh and fruity.
Also the nippy lemon in her light yellow robe does not want to stand back.
She is followed by roundish and ripe Madame Peach; with sheer joy about this sunny day she licks her fingers, which are slightly sticky from sweet fruit juice, and immediately spreads cheerfulness.
Both make a lovely prelude to a classic, somewhat old-fashioned floral entourage.
Because we wouldn't be in Grasse if almost every step wasn't accompanied by old-school white flowers.
A fragrant troika joins in: the lively, sometimes a bit intrusive lily of the valley once again bonds with the bushy scented jasmine; both can be quite loud, but come off pleasantly here.
Tuberose is also part of this triumvirate: white and intensely fragrant, especially towards evening, but also indispensable from the alleys of Grasse.
The noble beauty May Rose still hesitates a little: are her about the lovely scent spirits that dance around in front of her, not fine enough?
But then she lets herself be infected by their friendliness and summer mood: their delicate pink and the very special scent of their blossoms set a scent point that does not go unnoticed.
Laughing and of playful femininity, these scented creatures swirl through the time-honored city, light and alluring!
But their floating fragrance needs a little earthiness: air and scent are beautiful - but also fleeting!
Therefore, the approximately scratchy, always somewhat stubborn Mrs. Sandalwood and the noble Demoiselle Amber still join this good-humored gathering of fragrances.
They form the impressive conclusion of an equally fragrant as elegant-feminine company, which has gathered around "Arielle" and accompanies me happily for hours.
Charming fragrance spirits, which form a fine harmonious whole, despite or perhaps because of their differences, until they say goodbye so little by little quietly and politely.
What remains is only a breath, a fine reminder of their presence.

Until a few years ago, I only knew the painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who can enchant with his airy shepherd scenes.
Lead his pictures but in a special "Arcadia", in which I sank as gladly as in the works of the more famous Antoine Watteau.
Only through the user who brought me to Parfumo, I learned the fragrances of the house Fragonard from Grasse know and love.
They are all for me a relaxed walk through a world of fragrances that needs no noisy trappings to give pleasure.
Here, decades of craftsmanship and imagination come together with the natural conditions of the flower city of Grasse, resulting in fragrance creations that are wearable, fun and stand by their natural femininity.

0815abc gifted me an assortment of ten small bottles of fragrance from this brand and I am as thrilled as I am grateful.
So I can already announce further fragrance experiences with the beauties from this house.
I promise: Certainly no three-liners and certainly without a purchase recommendation!
Don't worry: I'm too old to be unfaithful to myself!
The fragrance treasure of the house of Fragonard still excites me and I'm glad about everyone who accompanies me on my voyage of discovery through its lively and varied world.
Many thanks for that!
Also for the patience to have accompanied me up to here!
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Like Amarige, but more natural
This perfume is pretty much a clone of Givenchy Amarige but smells much, much better because its ingredients seem much closer to nature than that test-tube monster by Dominique Ropion. So, a failing mark for originality here but a passing grade for execution. A sunny, happy, daily perfume for the warm months.
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AFreimannAFreimann 6 years ago
This smells literally nothing like Givenchy's Amarige in any way, shape, form or fashion. It smells like a wino's URINE.
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