Asagiri 2017

Asagiri by Fueguia 1833
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Asagiri is a limited perfume by Fueguia 1833 for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is green-woody. It is still in production. Limited Edition
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CryptomeriaCryptomeria Hiba cedarHiba cedar Kōyamaki
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On the second smell
Bitter. Bitter. Pissed. Bitter. Bitter. Concentrated needle brew. More like thuja than fir. Whereby I have to speculate anyway, cause I donŽt know these umbrella-, Hiba- and sickle-things. But lo and behold! Wikipedia teaches me that the Hiba is also called the Hiba Tree of Life and that its leaves are confusingly similar to those of our native Thuja. So apparently it fits at least in one point.

Gradually the brew dissolves into wood moistened with Franzbranntwein, with on board is a trace of that greenish-needle-watery aura, which I have been combining with hemlocktanne since my tests of 'Ormonde Man' (Ormonde Jayne) and 'In the Woods' (eSENSielle). A hint of eucalyptus-like sugariness turns the fragrance into a perfume - scarce. He's already very, very close to nature and coniferous. And extraordinarily miserable it goes on through the day.

But only by one! Good thing I didn't check 'Asagiri' off right away, but gave him a second chance. Suddenly he likes it a lot better. Round, milder, a little sweeter, even creamier and all in all more perfumed than at the first attempt it now comes along. I am also amazed at a generous amount of variety that I missed yesterday:

A needle-like incense, probably caused by the sour appearance of the coniferous tree. The one or other side trip into the earth is in the middle part of the game. Later a massive, voluminous forest depth with some sweetness pushes itself up, which makes me ask, what I had found bitter the day before.

And there's something else. In the afternoon occasionally a kind of "smoky sweetness" blows by - if it is (see above) a corresponding camouflage, I take off my metaphorical hat before it. A crumb of the Nimerè hazelnut points in the same direction in terms of astonishment, i.e. a bit far out of the dark pine.

The scent finds its way back to the back, so to speak, in age-related mildness. "Normal wood" comes to the fore, cedar fits. Dabbed by the perseveringly sour Thuja portion, it gets something almost vetiver-like that accompanies me, together with a touch of dark moist fir needle, until the evening.

Conclusion: successful. The transformations sound narrated more restless than they appear in action. For the use in the Etepetete office the today's candidate is probably not thought due to his partly primeval forestiness rather, he is more something for the spare time.

He also provides a good template for a brand conclusion: "Mr. Bedel pursues quite stubborn ideas that can hardly be sorted into a single line. It is easier to say that he is avoiding, let's say, "spectacle". With some works I could do little or nothing at all (above all with the pseudo-avant-garde pheromone get-up), others I liked well, not least the present one. The Argentinian's oeuvre is certainly worth a test, but his price ambitions sometimes reach into the bizarre.

I'd like to thank the robins for rehearsing.
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