Alchemico - Visione 2 Terra 2016

Alchemico - Visione 2 Terra by Goti Essenze
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Alchemico - Visione 2 Terra is a popular perfume by Goti Essenze for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-green. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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this earth is alive!
Capturing the mystery of nature is what Goti Essenze has made its mission with its fragrance series "Alchemico - Visione 2".
"Fuoco", the fire, I have commented on before.
Many months ago, Can777 sent me a bottling of "Terra"; this one now came - finally, I must say! - out of the jumble of bottlings.
Therefore, I try right today this "Earth" with words to some extent to do justice.

"Terra", as I shall henceforth call it for short, is green.
Not just green; no! it is lush, spicy, resinous and vibrating with life.
Grass, not just as a shorn lawn, springs under every step; the ground it covers is not compacted and so the brown, spicy earth responds to every touch and smells accordingly.
Grasses of various kinds and lengths and green leaves, here conspicuously those of the birches, form a lightly shimmering prelude: Sun and wind play with them.
It is worth listening to the rustling in the green - on the ground and in the air:
What does the earth want to tell me?
I take the whisper of the green with me into the forest, which welcomes me vetiver-green and earthy and a little damp.
Here, too, the light plays with the leaves and creates beautiful shadow plays on the brown-green ground - it's worth lingering!
The wood of the deciduous trees, their smooth and rough bark, as well as all kinds of roots and bushes, drench the quietly vibrating air with their various down-to-earth scents.
Small animals rush rustling through the fallen leaves of the previous year and through the undergrowth: nothing is silent, everything is in motion - alive!
Is that a touch of cinnamon that touches me warmly and ever so softly?
Beautiful is this mixture; it stimulates to walk through nature with wide open, receptive senses and to marvel.
Spicy sandalwood and (if I remember correctly) the dark mystery of ebony harmoniously conclude this extraordinary creation.

"Alchemy" - a word that holds secrets, that used to cause fear of the unknown:
"Alchemy" = magic and witchcraft!

With "Alchemico - Visione 2 "Terra" Goti Essenze has managed something very special.
I thank Can again at the end of my comment for introducing me to two of the four elements.
This opens up fragrance experiences that I do not want to miss; which touch me already very nature-related people deeply!
Here the earth still lives!
"Viva la Terra!"
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