Chant d'Arômes by Guerlain

Chant d'Arômes 1962

30.12.2011 - 08:26 PM
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Natural Noblesse

During my beginning as a sales assistant in a noble perfume shop I always was awestruck when somebody was wearing Chant d'Aromes. Even today, I remember all those posh women: Mrs. So-and-so and her kind, who dropped by in the afternoon just to find out if there was something new. They were served a glass of champagne or a cup of coffee, and with a bill of 500 Deutsche Mark and a coloured bag, they left to continue their shopping.

Chant d'Aromes emanates this natural noblesse of these customers. These were not the nouveau riche, or a dyed blond person on high heels who pulls bundles of bank notes out of her handbag. Today I consider to get Chant d'Aromes for myself. Perhaps this perfume provides that kind of noblesse that I am missing. I have never worn it so far, but it is simply enchanting.

Chant d'Aromes is a pale green, transparent chypre fragrance with an elegant aura. The top note promises a very special Guerlain experience. It does not have any sweetness, although the heart note looks differently in the scent pyramid. On the other hand, it is not tart as well. Maybe it is a bit soapy but in a very refined way. I would describe the temperature of this fragrance as rather chilly, and the expression of the flowers is discreet in an unfamiliar way.

Chant d'Aromes rounds off with a note of oak moss that I love so much. But noboby has to be afraid of dark, mossy base notes since also the base notes are bright and caressing.

Chant d'Aromes does not put its mark on the wearer. It does not go strong, instead it subordinates to its wearer quite natural. My clients in the 1960's would have regarded Chant d'Aromes as day wear. If I wore it, any day would feel like holiday. Yes, Chant d'Aromes is what is still missing in my Guerlain collection, so the only thing I can to is to extend my wishlist. May thanks to Turmalin, for renewing my acquaintance with it so pleasantly.

Translation: Apicius
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