Vol de Nuit Évasion 2007

Vol de Nuit Évasion by Guerlain
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Vol de Nuit Évasion is a popular limited perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2007. The scent is floral-powdery. It was last marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation Limited Edition
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RoseRose PeachPeach
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IrisIris JasmineJasmine
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Precious woodsPrecious woods VanillaVanilla AmberAmber
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Interesting Facts
The scent was exclusively available at duty-free shops.
Vol de Nuit Évasion is said to be an Eau de Toilette version of Guerlain's Attrape Cœur.


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The niece of the noble lady..
The production sequence Guet-Apens (1999), No 68 (2002), Attrape Coeur (2005) and Royal Extract (2014) is repeatedly discussed in the relevant forums, and Vol de Nuit Evasion is listed as an everyday eau de toilette version of the former, published in 2007. In a direct comparison between Guet-Apens and Vol de Nuit Evasion, however, they are independent fragrances - with some family ties.
The scent
Vol de Nuit Evasion starts with tender peach. The rose then appears in its accompaniment, but not an old and full-bodied dark rose, but one of the more modern ones with a light and penetrating fragrance, which could be responsible for the "spiciness" of Vol de Nuits Evasion, which some reviewers report. The other floral voices are soft, but the rose is clearly visible in the foreground, right down to the heart note. Occasionally I am reminded of Vanisia von Creed. Vanilla remains a constant companion until the fragrance slowly fades away with a beautiful and very soft amber-vanilla finish.

It is a quiet fragrance with moderate silage, so it is quite suitable for everyday use. It becomes body-hugging quite soon, but clearly audible and is still perceptible as a slight breeze after 8 hours - for an eau de toilette a remarkable achievement.

Guet-Apens, on the other hand, like many classic Guerlain fragrances, begins very gently, here with a beautifully concise peach scent that is so reminiscent of Mitsouko. With the low silage, you might be tempted to put something on top. But beware! After a few moments Guet-Apens, like other classics, shows a very strong presence and the silage appears room filling. In contrast to the bright and light Vol de Nuit Evasion, a slowly softening carnation dominates the further course until, after many hours of clearly audible silage, it changes into an extraordinarily long dry-down, in which delicate vanilla-peach with some carnation presence can still be perceived the next morning.
The bottle, the bottle, the bottle - and the name...
Dressed in the renowned Bouchon Coeur flacon, in which classics such as L'Heure Bleue, Fol Arôme and most recently Mitsouko first appeared in the 1910s and which was later used from time to time for flankers of various fragrances, the Vol de Nuit Evasion's cap is, however, made of plastic, as was customary in the 2000s for eau de toilettes and eau de parfumes. Through the bottle, one can certainly sense a connection to Mitsouko's peach scent, but it's also very concretely linked to Vol de Nuit through the name.

"Vol de Nuit" is not found in "Vol de Nuit - Evasion". Nothing dark-balsamic-green, neither galbanum nor oakmoss, no chyphre, no "night flight", but light day, bright and light Vol de Nuit Evasion presents itself. But that is exactly what it is - an "evasion", an "escape" from the dark night flight: they are like day and night.

Guet-Apens and Vol de Nuit - The niece of the noble lady...
A comparison with Guet-Apens is permitted here: Guet-Apens also uses a classic flacon for its appearance, the Lanterne flacon, which was used for a few years from 1935 on for jicky and other fragrances:
As a "lookout" he allows a small glimpse into the past, a time when ladies wore precious fur-trimmed garments in a time of awakening after the end of the world economic crisis.
It is precisely here that a historicizing metaphor may perhaps illuminate the relationship between Guet-Apens and Vol de Nuit Evasion: I can well imagine Guet-Apens on an elegantly dressed lady in her prime.
And where Guet-Apens can be worn by a distinguished lady, Vol de Nuit Evasion dresses her niece - recognizably related, but not just a pale copy of the original, but a very unique character.
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Vol de Nuit Évasion
This fragrance opens as a spicy floral - though rich it is not cloying at all. At first I see luminous and dry floral notes which are later partially replaced by creamier, almost vanillic sweet notes. This appears to be the heart accord since the scent does not change from there on. Subtle touches of spices, flowers and wood add zest to the melange of warm vanilla and amber notes. Undoubtedly pretty, it is not particularly creative or daring scent. The dry down is mainly comprised of warm woodsy notes with a faint trace of vanilla. Lasts more than six hours on my skin.
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