Sheikh Abdullah by Hind Al Oud / هند العود
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6.9 / 10 22 Ratings
Sheikh Abdullah is a perfume by Hind Al Oud / هند العود for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is animal-oriental. Projection and longevity are above-average. It was last marketed by Mohamed Hilal Group.
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Submitted by Stahl, last update on 13.07.2022.
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Gaudi in der Lederhosen 2 - Da Berg ruaft!
I suffer...
it consumes me...
i have to go back...
to the mountain, to the pasture...

At first it was not easy for me to settle back into student life. The shock sat deep and I secluded myself. I had to process all of this first. Over the course of the winter, I had caught myself enough to be able to socialize with the girls again, but it wasn't the same as before. They wanted to please me, did everything I asked and still it was never enough. Then in the spring it was clear to me what I really needed: the Zenzi!

So now I'm back, standing with my little backpack in front of the door of the Alm and my heart is beating louder than the trembling hand on the door can, or so it seems to me. The door is yanked open, a warm, sultry gush coming towards me. I smell her before I see her: animalistic, lecherous, liquor-soaked, the cowshed always with her. And then there she stands, in all her fullness, the woman of my dreams and nightmares, the Zenzi!
"Well, look here, there Burli! Where did you come from? Host mi ned vergessen kenna, hah?!" (1)
Is it so obvious? Just one look and my insides are obvious to her? After noticing my embarrassment and savoring it for a moment, she says, "Now come on in, aren't you going to be such a shy girl anymore?" (2)
So I enter the small, warm parlor and there I see her for the first time. She is sitting on the bench in all her voluptuous glory. With dark-smoky voice she says: "Yes what hamma then do for a gloans Schleckerl? Mia kennan uns no ned, i bin de Gailtalerin." (3)
With these words she stands up and I feel slightly dizzy. Her voluptuous curves promise lust without limits and pure sin speaks from her eyes. I briefly smell a rose, dark and wicked. And earth and dirt. Open-mouthed, I stare at her, incapable of any movement.
When I come to, I sit between them on the bench. Voluptuous femininity on one side, even more voluptuous on the other. Suddenly I feel a hand on my left thigh, then one on my right as well. They move upwards. I must have flinched in fright then, and it's possible that a pointed sound escaped me.
"Brauchst di doch ned fear, derma da doch nix" (4) dark smoky rose breath from one side.
"Schama brauchenst di ah ned, noch oim wos ma scho mit einander gmacht ham!" (5) Cowshed, sultry-sweaty from the other side. "Now let's first have a quick bite and then see what we can do with you!" (6)

Now, 2 hours later, we lie sweaty and knotted into a ball of hot bodies in the sleeping chamber and I think I have arrived, here I can stay.
Suddenly I hear a rumbling from outside and a loud voice. "Irmi, wo bist'n, wo treibst di wieda rum?" (7)
Startled, we drive up. "Shit, that's my Mo!" (8) says the Gailtaler and the Zenzi "I glab jetzat wars bessa wennst die schleichst, der schnupft die sonst da quer!" (9) and pushes me out of the window. The brambles under the window cushion the impact somewhat, but don't make things any more dignified. The Zenzi still throws my shoes and my shirt after me, for more is apparently no time, because then one hears already, how the door opens.
"Yes, wos machts'n it do? Am helliachten Dog im Bett und nackat ah no!" (10)
"We've been waiting for you, aren't you happy? Now come over here and don't let me see you again!" (11)
So I quietly sneak away, put on my milking apron in the stable and make my way down, airy and slightly scratched. I ignore the grunts and groans from the chamber. A mixture of pinchedness and elation accompanies me. I will come again, to the sinful Zenzi and to the horny Talerin...


A bad finger, this Sheikh Abdullah! Starts right off with a sweetish liquor note that has something slightly fuzzy about it, wouldn't necessarily want to drink it now. This also reminds me of the Oud Burmi, but after that the two already go separate ways.
It comes namely also immediately a fierce animal note with pure. As Cravache has already written, not cowshed, but rather cow herd, but definitely cow and indeed many of them. I don't even find that very fecal, but it's anything but clean either. It would have to come from the musk and he is here times definitely not fluffy-clean, you can not blame him.
It then comes through a rose, but not a small nice, but a dark-ruined. I find that for once quite pleasant, but a counterpole to the animalic musk it does not form, rather it supports the animalic still, the slut. Later, a pitchfork full of patch. This one I only perceive as earthy and dirty, I don't detect any green notes. Over time, the scent becomes a bit leathery. That would be the milking apron, which has also been hanging around the barn for a while and is rather raw in texture. And something smokes, but only very slightly.
So the fragrance slowly fades out and the emphasis here is on slow, from Sheikh Abdullah one has long what. The environment too, because the silage is also fierce. So seen a perfect Corona fragrance, which makes it easily through the mask!
Of course, this is not a fragrance for me and probably not for 98% of humanity, but it is interesting, well and high-quality made and in the base I find him then not so bad.

Thanks to Violett for the rambling letter and to Cravache for this subtle-animalic scent!


Translations from the Bavarian (provided by Google Ireland Limited):
(1) No, what a surprise to see you again, boy! Where have you been hiding all this time?! The memory of me must have been on your mind, wasn't it?!
(2) So come closer and enter, you won't still be as shy as you were then, will you?!
(3) Yes who is this exceedingly appetizing looking young man? I think we have not had the pleasure, allow me, I am the Gailtalerin.
(4) So have no fear, we will not harm you.
(5) You have nothing to be ashamed of, after all we have already done together!
(6) So let us first drink to your health, then we'll see what we can do to make you happy!
(7) Irmengard, where are you?
(8) That is now rather inconvenient, it is about my husband!
(9) I think you should quickly seek the distance for the sake of your own health!
(10) It surprises me now to find you here in bed in the daytime, and so unclothed!
(11) We have been waiting for you, dearest man, are you not pleased? Now step closer at last and don't make us beg for it too!
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