Cherry Garden 2012

Cherry Garden by House of Sillage
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Cherry Garden is a perfume by House of Sillage for women and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Bitter almondBitter almond Sicilian bergamotSicilian bergamot Star aniseStar anise
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JasmineJasmine RoseRose SandalwoodSandalwood
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Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla HeliotropeHeliotrope White muskWhite musk


6.831 Ratings
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6.831 Ratings
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Can you do that? "Cherry" without cherry?

As the name suggests, the perfumer has created a fragrance called "Kirsch-Garten".
So for example it is about a field/plantation full of cherry trees. Also possible a private garden with several cherry trees.
I assume that the scenario will take place in spring, when these charming, pretty cherry blossoms will almost outshine everything, the butterflies and bees will fall over them and the sky will be light blue and the sun will gently warm the skin.
He wanted to stand this feeling in the middle of such trees and to perceive the surroundings with all his impressions and sweet, interesting scents and NOT the scent of cherries directly.

This is also confirmed by the manufacturer's description of the fragrance.
Quote: "This fragrance transports the senses to a heavenly luminous field of aromatic cherry blossoms, in which floating butterflies and gentle rays of sunshine envelop the enticing and sweet fragrance of the warm breeze."

There. Because smelling doesn't smell like cherries. The cherry blossom, however, is clearly present!!.
Maybe it's hard to tell because...

The fragrance initially starts strangely fresh, synthetic, slightly greenish and even somehow aniseedy.
At the first test at home I had to sneeze.
This fresh greenish comes from bergamot oil and in addition comes the lovely star anise.
Fortunately Bergamot withdraws quickly and leaves the great bitter almond her big appearance, which is present until the end.
From now on it becomes more and more almond and sweet...

The second large part in the middle field is dominated by floral notes and very soft sandalwood.
A bit stubborn, fresh jasmine is there; a bit very young, still green rose....
This means that both scents are hardly recognizable in the classical sense. So neither Jasmin, nor Rose dominates here.
To be honest, I personally strongly believe that the combination of jasmine, rose and sandalwood should be transformed into a kind of cherry blossom scent including the surroundings.
So it's like a journey of thought !

In the base, after this very fresh, cheeky, bold, soft flowery, slightly spicy, bitter almond start, it becomes more and more sweet and above all almond. Encouraged by the addition of vanilla now!
But Moschus makes sure that it doesn't get gourmandig here, but still has such a young, cheeky character.

All in all, I would describe Cherry Garden as a young, slightly sweet, fresh, flowery fragrance that smells like a mix of cherry blossoms, bitter almonds and musk Perfect for spring!

If it's hard to imagine him, I'd say that he goes towards "La petite Robe noire" by Guerlain and has some resemblance to "Intense Cherry" by Montale...
But I wouldn't compare.

The manufacturer also says something similar.
Quote: "Cherry Garden awakens a feeling of playfulness and curiosity through sweet traces of almonds, vanilla and Sicilian bergamot oil."
And that's how it smells!

Whether this little sip is worth the price is another matter.
300/ 400 Euro is definitely not worth this fragrance and even if it is not bad, it is not a masterpiece. Above all durability and Sillage are rather so... la la... I can smell it directly on my skin for at least 8 hours! But I also have to press my nose on my skin.
So Sillage in the first 3 h completely ok and me the whole time fogging, but then is also over and the smell very very closely, still very present, but unfortunately only for me alone...

But I think the flacon.... hmm. Yeah, it'd be worth 300 xO
But I'm also a little bottle victim. :(
ALL bottles of House of Sillage are simply a dream! Only this massive, felt 10kg heavy lid with diamonds in it! Wonder wonderful beautiful and very very high quality !!!!!!!
If you take off the lid, you think:
Wow, that has weight, that is sooo beautiful and inside also still with engraving woooow... *glitter eyes*
And then you notice that the glass container is at least as heavy and the glass is really fat.... So what's the first thing I take now to beat someone to death? Definitely possible...
I only say this to underline the high quality ;)

The name of the fragrance unfortunately led to false expectations and thus to disappointed perfumes. But if you don't get biased towards him, you might like him a lot. Of bad quality should not be spoken here definitely!
To estimate a kind of "value" is difficult! It's a matter of taste! If you love exactly this fragrance, you might want to pay a high price and the bottle would be worth it and I would find it justified.
But if that doesn't knock you out, get your hands off it.
It's been a long time getting a mega bargain from House of Sillage. The way I saw flacons the other day for only 140 Euro... I would spend more as "not soo fan of perfume" but even more of the bottles, in any case. Anyway for which... So open your eyes or first test them unbiased !
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