Eau de Iceberg 74 pour Homme 2010

Eau de Iceberg 74 pour Homme by Iceberg
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6.7 / 10 38 Ratings
Eau de Iceberg 74 pour Homme is a perfume by Iceberg for men and was released in 2010. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It was last marketed by Perfume Holding.
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Top Notes Top Notes
Calabrian bergamotCalabrian bergamot Grapefruit zestGrapefruit zest LemonLemon
Heart Notes Heart Notes
VetiverVetiver Clary sageClary sage Geranium leafGeranium leaf KingwoodKingwood
Base Notes Base Notes
Tonka beanTonka bean MuskMusk AmberAmber Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam
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Clean and smooth...
Eau de Iceberg is (basically) clean and lemony vetiver over labdanum. Not that complex, but quite well done. There's a labdanum-rich viscosity, that allows for multi-season use; and the citrus is quite natural. The particular labdanum here, throws a thin swath of grey leather onto the lemon soapiness in the "mid"; and is what gives this likeable but straight forward composition, some character. Although not enough, perhaps. But still a rather relaxing and very wearable clean scent with mild projection, and good longevity on me. Not for younger, energetic tastes. .

The extremely affordable price certainly adds to it's appeal. Not a jump up for joy discovery, but certainly a gently uplifting "cheapie" that's worth more than it's price tag.
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Did The Folks That Created "Exceptional for Men" Jump To This Sinking Ship?...
Eau de Iceberg pour Homme opens with a very light and diluted bergamot and grapefruit mix. It is so weak that you barely notice it, and I actually sprayed my sample a couple more times just to make sure I had enough on... It makes no difference, don't bother. The scent then develops to a more pleasant, but equally mild violet wood and vetiver heart. Extremely generic and boring. And that is pretty much it, folks... The base notes listed don't ever appear on my skin with maybe the exception of a very light musk that is barely even detectable. Then everything was over in 2-3 hours max (which is way below average for me) with projection being non-existent.

I almost feel the folks that designed "Exceptional for Men" jumped ship and created the appropriately named "Iceberg," as it sinks all hopes of one seeking a good and distinctive smelling value scent. Eau de Iceberg pour Homme is inexpensive to be sure, but it is so watered down, generic and bland that I just shrugged my shoulders, asking myself "Why?". Bottom line is Eau de Iceberg pour Homme is cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for. I give this ridiculous release a generous 2 out of 5.
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Eau de Iceberg pour Homme - Competent Labdanum/Vetiver
Eau de Iceberg pour Homme (one of the 74 Series), a shape-shifter bottled, is basically a light vetiver/labdanum fragrance, laced with lemon and other supporting citruses, with clean musk in the drydown. It is not a room-filling fragrance but remains quite noticeable, playing close to the skin at low volume. With less-than-parsimonious application (4+ sprays) it is long-lasting in this manner. Sometimes this is what i want in a scent.

Eau de Iceberg pour Homme is a competent release and will get lots of wear from me.
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Jazzy76Jazzy76 5 years ago
I tested because i thought it was a unisex fragrance...and it's really so to me! A good aromatic-citrusy scent I recommend
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