Cortigiana 2015

Cortigiana by Il Profvmo
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Cortigiana is a perfume by Il Profvmo for women and was released in 2015. The scent is fruity-floral. It is being marketed by Valmont Group.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Fragrances and breasts
Okay, before especially the ladies want to behead me right away because of my title, so I have to defend myself first by saying that I saw a lot of breasts while researching for this fragrance! Why? Quite simply, the fragrance here is called Cortigiana. What may sound like a coastal town in Italy or something like that, in reality means courtesan. You know, these were women until the 19th century, who offered their services mainly to the nobility or otherwise wealthy people and were often quite educated themselves and had, among other things, a considerable influence on powerful men.

And well... if you search for courtesans and above all "research" in the Google image search, then you will see photos, well actually rather renaissance paintings, of permissive women, where especially the breasts are visible, um, well, now and then at least! And honestly, who has anything against breasts? So... you still want to cut my head off? No, you better not tell me!

But I prefer to come to this scent of Il Profvmo and hope that it smells reasonably good. Because especially Il Profvmo has some nice scents to offer, but I also think that the scents of this brand can sometimes have a very special scent, which is exactly the right thing for those of you who want to have something different under your nose than "the usual stuff". All right, I'll get started
With time the scent becomes more powdery and you can smell the iris. The cherry gets a little bit in the background, so that the fragrance starts to smell more floral. Almond is only slightly present and for me it can only be smelled, if you sniff the sprayed area extensively.
Every now and then I perceive a very light, greenish-bitter note, although this can only happen to me because this fragrance is very weak anyway.
In the base, these green-tangy scents seem to gain some intensity, so I think that they start to smell stronger because of the "herbs" mentioned. Besides, the fragrance is still floral-powdery and also sweetish. Since the fragrance is not so heavy, I find that the herbs also go well with the floral and sweet scents, giving the impression of a nice spring or summer.

The silage and the durability:*
The Sillage is medium, well maybe a little bit more than that and therefore leaves a cloud of scent, even if it should be smaller. Nevertheless, you will be able to perceive the scent well for a while, at least up close. I found the shelf life of about six or seven hours quite okay.

The fact is, however, that this fragrance is not so special as to have disturbing or slightly inappropriate notes, but rather smells quite nice and gives a nice, fresh impression. I think it's just great that it smells of soft, flowery-powdery and of course sweetish scents and gives a summery freshness without being citric. The herbs, which start off weakly and later smell a little better, reinforce the summery impression.

It's almost as if, for example, on a summer evening, you're having a nice dinner or just going for a walk, especially somewhere in a holiday resort, and there you notice the nice flowery scents and herb gardens in the warm air. Of course all mixed with a portion of powder, which every now and then gives the impression of walking past a brothel (and that was a joke!!! :DD). Heh heh, in any case the fragrance is quite recommendable, especially for those who don't mind powdery scents.

And that's it! I wish you all a great evening, watch out for the storm and I'm going to look for more... courtesan pictures... :DD
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Sour Cherry-Juice
In Germany there is sometimes used the very impolite saying if someone is using a pungent scent: "It's here smelling like in a brothel!" The only answere must be: "Really? How do you know? I do not know how it smells there, I have never been in such a house!" And well, "coritgiana" means "courtesan" an old fashioned expression for whore. So If somebody is expecting "Cortigiana" as an at least sexy scent he or she probably will be disappointed. With this explanation the connection of the fragrant's name with that what it really seems to be is ending.
I am just disappointed by "Cortigiana" I was expecting a very tasty fragance similar to "Hiroshima mon Amour" by Nez à Nez. The pyramide is proposing a gourmandy scent, almond-bitter, creamy and delicious. Though I am in common not a fan of fruity scents to be honest. But there are exceptions.
From the beginning all over the longevity of smelling I am perceiving very sour and tangy smelling cherries. Out of this "Cortigiana" is not only smelling a little bit synthetical it has a dull-sournes like rhubarb with it's oxal-acid. Yes, after one hour there is appearing a whiff of creaminess, probably caused by the orris. But I supect more the ingredient santal. However this note is intensifying the synthetic character of "Cortigiana". I will not deny: There might be some herb-notes because I am smelling something else but cannot categorize it.
For me "Cortigiana" is a trivial fruit-juice and nothing else.
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