Gardénia 2007

Gardénia by Isabey
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8.0 / 10 170 Ratings
A popular perfume by Isabey for women, released in 2007. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Panouge.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Top Notes Top Notes
Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang Italian mandarin  orange zestItalian mandarin orange zest Orange blossom absoluteOrange blossom absolute
Heart Notes Heart Notes
GardeniaGardenia Bulgarian roseBulgarian rose IrisIris Jasmine absoluteJasmine absolute
Base Notes Base Notes
MuskMusk AmbergrisAmbergris Indian sandalwoodIndian sandalwood


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8.1125 Ratings
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6.825 Ratings
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Interesting Facts
In 2002 the scent was re-released by Panouge as a limited extrait edition only. Since 2007 it is available as an Eau de Parfum.

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greatest affection
This fragrance takes me far far away in a warm, cozy dasein and lets forget all the difficulties.
Creaminess of the aroma smoothes all the irregularities of the fragrance and sounds so soft and weightless, like a flowing white veil. There is no single note of this breathtaking symphony that would stand out in isolation. It is an ensemble of dazzling floral air. With this aroma, everything around smells delicate, subtle and translucent, as it does in the mountains, by the sea or during a morning walk in the woods.

It is a rich, stunning gardenia with a breathtaking sillage. This gardenia is a strong woman, a creamy golden goddess! The best gardenia in the niche, 100%.

Ylang - Ylang is noticeable at the beginning, then it fades away. I didn't feel the tuberose on me at all. In the base remains a delicate musk. Very nice.

The Gardenia lasts a mighty long time, it stayed with me for a day.

I would wear it with an elegant evening dress to the opera or to a formal event

16 Reviews
Isabey Gardenia
I could write pages and pages about this perfume! But I wont! I may spoil it with words! Because its just perfect!! Divine!!! Adorable!! Men do love it! And when the wind brings a slight scent of it to your nose, reminding you that you wore it in the morning or the night, its absolutely impossible not to think "Yes I am a woman!"

660 Reviews
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Opulently creamed
Hello hello dears, where did you put your noses in today? :D
Well, in my case it was this smell here: Gardénia by Isabey. A fragrance that, according to the description, is supposed to evoke an intense sensuality. It was a little unclear whether this meant the sensuality between the fragrance and the scent bearer or between man and woman. But as I know you ladies, you would prefer your fragrances instead of me, NOT TRUE? (yes yes, I have to ask this again and again...!!)
And no, I don't want to hear it, aaaargh!!!! DD
And yeah, today I may moan a little bit, because I have a little cold :D


The new year is only three months old and already all perfumes are just heartless beasts like all the years before... of course all this can only seem like that, but that remains to be seen, the year is still young, so there is enough time to get to know all your nasty sides... *sigh* :DD

Soo, before all this degenerates into tirades as usual, I better come to the fragrance. And by the way, I think about whether I should only describe men's fragrances, since you ladies do NOT deserve me here! Argh... :DDD

A little later the fragrance becomes even creamier, but the powdery impression gradually fades. It becomes more and more floral, and although it appears heavy, intense, quite sweet and, as I said, quite opulent, the fragrance is surprisingly not particularly stuffy and I hope it stays that way.
I think the other floral notes, besides ylang-ylang and iris, are the gardenia that gives the name to the wine, although I would have simply said (due to my lack of knowledge of plants) white flowers in general :D In addition, there is jasmine, which is recognizable by its beautiful sweetness. The indicated roses, however, I can not perceive at all ...
Also in the base the scent is very flowery heavy, then also a little bit muggy and stuffy, but of course this can only happen to me, because you know how I think about such heavy flowery scents or perceive them. Anyway, besides all the vegetables (by that I mean the flowers :D) there is another, slightly darker radiating sweetness, namely musk, which smells pleasant as usual. Apart from that it stays as usual and I think that the scent might appeal especially to you ladies.

The silage and the durability:*
The sillage is quite strong and you will definitely leave a very large cloud of scent with the scent, which can be smelled well over a quite long period of time. So the shelf life is also quite long. I would indicate here longer than eight to ten hours where the scent can still smell reasonably good on the skin.

All in all a noble, beautiful looking bottle.

The fragrance is especially good as an autumn or winter evening/exit scent, although it would not suit the younger ones so well, as it is also quite mature. I don't mean that the scent is old-fashioned, but you'll understand if you sniff it and then you'll notice that it's not really a scent for a young 20-year-old, but rather for a slightly older one, around... uh, let's leave it alone, you understand! D

So then, that's it from me again. For the next time I will try to grumble a little less, whereby .... but it won't happen, but you never know!...
Well then, have a nice evening and see you all :)


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Ivory89Ivory89 4 months ago
Creamy, classy, tropical luxury!


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