Mon Seul Désir 2017

Mon Seul Désir by Jul et Mad
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Mon Seul Désir is a popular perfume by Jul et Mad for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-leathery. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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NutmegNutmeg Pink pepperPink pepper Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
OsmanthusOsmanthus OudOud CorianderCoriander
Base Notes Base Notes
AmberAmber Leathery notesLeathery notes BenzoinBenzoin MuskMusk Gaiac woodGaiac wood


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Scent quiz on the skin - With leather straps !
Welcome to the weekly perfume quiz !
My name is DarkWinterCS and I am your moderator today.

Today the topic is supposed to be leather scents - I hope you can hardly wait to guess together with us.
Today's main prize is a large flower pot in retro-look and a sack of rice, which is said to have fallen over once in Asia.

Let's get to the first question:
What is Jul et Mad ?
A: A perfume brand
B: A crazy month

That is correct !
Of course, the answer is A. With this, the bath duck has already been safe !
Nice fun fact, if you type Jul et Mad in the Google translator, it comes out "July and crazy". Isn't that wicked ?

Let's get to the second question:
How do you imagine a leather scent ?
A: Dark, deep, harsh
B: Different

That is correct !
Of course the answer is once again A. The typical leather scent is often combined with tart scents or dark scents.
So you can also be sure of the interior tank lighting for your car.
Answer B would have been completely absurd, because only Thomas is different !

Let's get to the last question:
To describe from Jul et Mad the fragrance Mon Seul Desir, your previous answer was:
A: Wrong
B: Wrong

That is correct !
Of course answer B ! Because answer A was yes wrong !
With this you win the main prize ! Happy stocking. For decorative purposes we let the sack of rice fall down again
Thank you very much for your attention. Stay healthy and turn it on again next time it says: "Which granny rides the fastest motorcycle in the chicken coop"
That's enough talk around here
Mon Seul Desir is different, a different experience of fragrance, as well as a different experience of leather scent. Because he breaks out of the familiar patterns of typical leather scents and presents something that is off the beaten track.

The first impression was quite doubtful for me, as I could not classify the scent and the first minutes were also a bit strange in my nose. Totally unknown to present a combination of leather and resinous notes. My nose did not find any clues to make references to my previous scent experiences. It starts off slightly sweet as well as bitter and brings a mixture in the top note which is very difficult to describe. It goes almost in the direction of soapiness on my skin, without actually sniffing for it (possibly the musk ?). I can hardly describe it, because it is really something completely differentiated. Simply sweetish, slightly citric, tart and woody leathery.

Little by little the somewhat fresher component withdraws. Finest wood, osmanthus, leather and other resinous notes are revealed. Especially in the heart note the woodiness comes out most on my skin. This is enmeshed by slightly sweetish resins and soft leather. As a small lace, a small and fine greenish note can be discovered every now and then.
Towards the base note, the resinous notes come out more and more and play skilfully with the delicate leather, which is unusually cuddly and supple.

I can't give the fragrance a bad report of its durability and silage. The scent already lasts for eight hours, even if it slowly flattens out a bit after half of the time. The projection could have been a bit stronger, but still you can hear it even when it's worn on the neck for a long time.

So what's that scent ?
Is it worth to test or even buy this one ?

A test is definitely worthwhile, because it is simply something completely different to sniff a combination of leather and resins. It will be the fragrance for the masses, as it is already off the mainstream.
I wouldn't necessarily recommend buying the large bottle directly now, because otherwise you can be disappointed quickly and this fragrance will definitely split. Then it is better to use the Travelspray that is also reasonable in price. This is also the way I did it, as I also did not want to risk it.

But I have discovered a great fragrance that is different, even without Thomas.
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