Déclaration Love - Tyrannique 2020

Déclaration Love - Tyrannique by Jacques Zolty
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Déclaration Love - Tyrannique is a perfume by Jacques Zolty for women and was released in 2020. The scent is floral-creamy. It is being marketed by HIC Beauty. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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The Woman in Red
... is dancing with me... cheek to cheek...

Only real kids of the 80s still know this schmonzette by Chris deBurgh.
I'm one of them - and remember this song being the reason I desperately wanted a red evening gown for my bronze dance class graduation. It seemed like the kingdom of heaven to me, the incarnation of the beautiful, the wonderful, the romantic. That song alone had inspired me to think that only in a red, soft-flowing dress could I glide elf-like across the dance floor. My dance partner - a wonderfully kind man whose right leg was actually shorter than his left and who, moreover, had an impossibly slanted silver gaze - was certainly not the incarnation of the beautiful. But he was affectionate and elegant in the dance, and led me through all the classes with the greatest pleasure. This, in turn, to the delight of my beautiful, always freestyle dancing, true "friend" with whom I "walked".

Dancing school - a term that nowadays seems to be known only to the initiated, and only a few youngsters are still captivated by it. Every now and then I come across such specimens who consider it relevant to be able to move adequately swinging at future balls, and therefore frequent the now only dance school in town - they seem to have become the exception. A real shame. After all, what could be better than setting off around two o'clock on a Saturday after surviving the dreary school week, laughing and giggling your way around among like-minded people, and setting off for a wild party afterwards? I feel lucky that I got to experience that time in all its intensity - except I never got the red dress. My mother just wasn't playing along. THAT was definitely not what she envisioned for a 16 year old. And she was in charge.

I think of the red dress I never got when I use "Déclaration Love - Tyrannique | Jacques Zolty." I turn the beautiful, deep red bottle in my hand, like I used to sway to rum music years ago, and immerse myself in this paradise of florals. Déclaration Love - Tyrannique is one of the most beautiful tuberose fragrances I know - because it is so much more than just tuberose. At first spray, however, it is there, completely present, soft and creamy, bringing back memories of endless tuberose scents the nose has been allowed to sniff so far. Unlike all those other scents, however, the tuberose here seems only to awaken the memory. But it does not fight blindly that dominance, which is suitable for other tuberose fragrances.

Déclaration Love - Tyrannique works like this: A spray on the décolleté - and you dive into the paradisiacal beautiful world of tuberose. Another spray on the wrist, wait a few seconds, and the tuberose gives way to other impressions: soft, warm honey, which is sweet and delicate, probably thanks to the orange blossom. This honey-sweet, but at the same time discreet, not intrusive, really fine cream scent immediately lets in the lilac, which audibly knocks on the door - and the paradisiacal feelings suddenly become more tangible: no soft-flowered South Sea island is the place of this paradise, but a bright, sunny spring day with a delightful lilac breeze.
Perhaps that is the greatest achievement of this dreamlike fragrance: the courage to combine tuberose and lilac, to give these two solitaires a common polish and thereby unite them in the most beautiful harmony. The joint dance of lilac and tuberose makes the fragrance soft, swaying, creamy. It is the art of balance that has been perfected here. No chewy notes, no pungent South Seas sultriness, no dripping sweetness - but floral creaminess where each of the two beauties keeps the other in check. Add to that the slightly tangy opening - where neither neroli nor orange are really perceptible, providing more of an ethereal lightness to counterbalance the opening tuberose - and add to that the lovely, after-hours vanilla finish, and this fragrance really does evoke a perfect image of youthful promise: Dreams, longings, romance - but still unlived, awaiting fulfillment in the realm of possibility, and so long embraced by spring-fine girlishness. I wouldn't say that the fragrance is suitable for a 16-year-old in dance class. It's probably a little too intense, too grown up for that. But it conjures up the image of a 16 year old dreaming of great love, just experimenting with springtime feelings, being in the springtime of her life herself. Déclaration Love - Tyrannique is in this respect a fragrance for adults who remember their youth and in whose memory the past - the lightness of spring - and the present - the heaviness of love - unite in a beautiful dance. It is, summa summarum, a sentimental fragrance. Those who like tuberose should try this fragrance - its gentle creaminess is simply beautiful.

I did get a red dress years later. I was strolling through Luxembourg's city centre with my best friend in the depths of winter. It was snowing, I was pregnant, it was cold. At Laura Ashley we discovered the dress: a deep red like the bottle of Déclaration Love - Tyrannique, heavy flowing velvet, waterfall neckline. That was it and we both bought it. I wore it to a wedding in Puglia. A few weeks ago, I sold it on ebay. But for many years it embodied my young girl dreams, even if it was just hanging unused in the closet. I was finally able to let it go now, a few weeks ago. For the memory of those dreams, I now have "Déclaration Love - Tyrannique | Jacques Zolty."
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